How Safe Is ‘Cloud Computing’

Cloud computing or cloud technology is the new most ‘in thing’ in the business world. It is something that has given a new boost to storing information and data related to your business and also personal life. The cloud is a space wherein all your data is most confidentially stored that you can access at any time and from anywhere.

Previously it was the company that you employed to manage your systems, which had to be stored in the laptop or desktops of your own premises. Things have changed a lot with cloud computing. Now your data and everything else related to your computer is stored in a remote cyberspace not by your managers but by a third party.

Cloud Computing

In the past you could access your files, data, backup etc. only by logging in to your own computer system but now you can do so even from a far away computer. This is what the cloud computing has made possible, and probably the reason why a lot of companies are taking up the job of becoming cloud providers.

The Le-Vel company jointly owned by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper is one such cloud provider. This company claims to offer one of the fastest responses through cloud operations for its users. They claim that their cloud technology does not only have unmatched speed and efficiency but is extremely cost effective too.

Paul Gravette and his partner started this company with the vision to become one of the leading brands in the world and thus have taken upon themselves of managing several different kinds of services together. They also provide premium lifestyle plans, clothing line, business joint ventures along with the cloud technology. This company was established only after numerous years of gathering experience and thinking about how to run the show. This is probably another good trait that business minded persons should follow to achieve success.

Though cloud computing is slowly coming to the fore, yet the truth is, it has been here from a long time now. We all use the social media on the internet and that is a time you are probably using the cloud, it is just that we were never aware or informed about this technology. Then what is so new about it? The services that are offered through the technology have expanded.

Where previously, may be just the mails and social media was supported through this, now the applications, accounting human resources, marketing everything is made possible. Your time and money are saved to a great extent with the use of cloud technology. Your data is much more safe in the cloud and easy to access unlike your on-premises computing system. Even in times of major power cut you can rest assured that you can access your data only if your phone or computer has access to the internet.

Since this is not an on-premises computing system, hence the chances of hacking or bugging are also less as compared to the previous systems. Thus, using ‘cloud computing’ not only makes your work faster but a lot safer.