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Amit Raizada is one of the most skilled and trusted investment strategists in the USA today. He is the Chief Executive Officer Of Spectrum Business Ventures and one of the most reputed investment strategists for both people and businesses that are looking for the best investment schemes in the nation. When it comes to investment strategies and schemes, he says that he is devoted to helping his clients get the best schemes for getting maximum returns for their present and future needs.

Amit Raizada founded Spectrum Business Ventures in 2002 and is known to be one of most trusted investment professionals in Miami. He was born in India at New Delhi and always had a unique interest when it came to finance and investment plans. Amit says that he received support from his family who helped him in his endeavor.  He graduated in Economics from The Michigan State University. He had a keen interest in business and the entrepreneurial zeal was always inside him. Before he established Spectrum Business Ventures, Amit was associated with some top names in the telecom industry in the field of investment consulting.

After he established his own company, he decided to focus on the investment management and wealth building needs of both his individual and business clients. Amit ensures that he keeps track of all the developments in the market. He is aware of the latest trends and when he counsels his clients he always takes their unique needs into account. Amit says that the investment planning needs of two people are never the same and this is the reason why he takes time and research to suggest what is ideally suited to their needs.

He also says that when you are considering investment options for your growth, you should never follow trends blindly. What works for you may not work for others. In fact, the market today is flooded with many investment options. You effectively are able to get the best when you are looking for them. At the same time, he says that clients should always evaluate their options from time to time. The same investment plan should never be continued for long.

When Amit Raizada meets his clients for the first time. He ensures that he takes care of their needs. He allows them to talk so that he can ascertain what their background is and how far are they willing to place risks. Amit never imposes his opinions in the first meeting. He will take time to ascertain the background of his clients. Once this is done he will check their investment portfolio personally. He will suggest innovative investment schemes that are profitable and lucrative to their needs.

Amit Raizada is also an inspiring role model for his team at Spectrum Business Ventures. They say he is very client oriented and unlike others always looks into their needs rather than his. Amit is also dedicated to helping his clients get the maximum returns at the minimum risks with success!