5 Things That Cause Liver Damage

You reap what you sow! In line with this adage, it is quite evident that one needs to be extra cautious of what he consumes on a daily basis which dictates the health and life of his vital organs. One such organ is the liver which plays an important role in flushing the toxins away from the body. Ironically, this is the very organ that is abused the most when it comes under the influence of unwarranted substances that wreak havoc in its functioning, ultimately leading to its malfunctioning.Thus throwing light on certain bad habits which have a detrimental effect on the liver is a step towards avoiding the same, all in an attempt to preserve the health of one’s liver.

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5 Things that Cause Liver Damage

  1. Alcohol Addiction

Topping the list of bad habits which have a harmful effect on the liver is the excessive consumption of alcohol, impairing the basic function of siphoning the wastes out of the body. Large amounts of alcohol when consumed periodically not only becomes a habit but also leads to an irreversible condition called cirrhosis of the liver, commonly referred to as cancer of the liver.

  1. Drug Abuse

Another function of the liver is to break down the substances that are consumed through the mouth; be it food, medicines or herbs. Anything in excess is harmful. Same is the case with these substances which when consumed in unwarranted dosages have a detrimental effect on the liver, in turn leading to conditions of liver failure. Drug abusers are therefore moving towards damaging their liver thereby subjected to an irreparable loss.

  1. Smoking

Ingesting the toxic fumes of a cigarette not only impairs the respiratory system but also has a damaging effect on the liver. It is when the harmful substances in the cigarette smoke gradually reach the liver that an outbreak of oxidative stress occurs, thereby causing the production of free radicals which permanently destroy the cells of the liver.

  1. Insomnia

People who suffer from sleeplessness demonstrate a greater propensity towards liver failure. Medical studies have linked the condition of insomnia to the progression of oxidative stress which impairs the liver, thus becoming a serious concern to address.

  1. Poor Nutrition

As a befitting response to poor nutritive habits amongst many people, Zigy.com has an array of health care products in India offered under the segment of vitamin supplements. These supplements when included as part of one’s diet become the benefactors of a lifestyle change fighting the ill-effects of poor eating habits. Obesity is another problem that has a damaging influence on the liver with the thickening of the liver wall caused by the deposits of fatty foods.

While these may appear to be common habits that are practiced by many people, it is only when one is informed of the negative effects that a progression towards recovery is guaranteed. Best to avoid the consumption of processed foods which are laden with preservatives and additives which are harmful to the liver, it is a wise move to opt for an online medical purchaseof supplements that support the life and function of one’s liver.