5 Reasons Your Family Will Love Cupcakes At Your Event

If you are finding it hard to decide on a dessert for your event, here are five very good reasons to choose cupcakes. You won’t regret your decision because your guests will thank you for it.


1. It can please any taste profile. Unlike a big chunk of cake, cupcake orders allow you to put more variety in your dessert selection. If you have a mixed group of people (some who are chocolate fans, others insisting on mocha or green tea) coming to your party, then cupcakes are the only way to go. This is a more economical way of buying more than one cake flavor without breaking your wallet. You should check the wonderful selection of cupcakes at The Butter Studio. (Quick tip: red velvet cupcakes are an easy favorite). 

2. It’s handy and easy to eat. Have you ever looked, in awe, at the cake design, only to have it cut into itty bitty little pieces when it’s time to eat? The cutting is also messy, and you could say goodbye to your linens if the flavor of your cake is chocolate. The Butter Studio offers a delectable alternative. By selecting cupcakes (be it red velvet, salted caramel, double nutella or any of our bestsellers), you won’t have to worry about the mess of cutting. You also don’t need to worry about destroying that intricate cake design because every little cupcake is a work of art each of your guests can get to enjoy. 

3. You can make it sophisticated or whimsical. Cupcakes are probably some of the most expressive desserts to date. This is because you can practically tone down or dress up your party depending on the cupcake design! The Butter Studio offers a generous selection of cupcake designs and flavors suitable for any event. So it does not matter if you are holding a kiddie party or planning a wedding. Cupcakes will always fit right in. 

4. You can dress it up any way you want. Customization is one of the biggest advantages of having cupcakes at your party. If you want your company logo to be displayed on top of your cupcake, that’s possible. If you want a little bicycle to be on top of your cupcake, that’s also well and good. It will probably cost you a little extra to have customizations done for your cupcake, but the results are worth it. The Butter Studio has done customized delectable red velvet cupcakes for their clients, and they have received nothing short of praises for their work. 

5. It makes for a great souvenir. If you’re a little short on budget, but you want your guests to remember your party, make each and every element of your party dual-purpose. The cupcake is a primary example. Whether you are celebrating your preschooler’s moving up day, or you are hosting your mom’s 60th birthday, cupcakes will always be a big hit. This is because aside from being convenient, delicious desserts, they also make for very classy souvenirs. Check out the red velvet cupcakes sold at The Butter Studio today. They’re sure to be a crowd favorite.

The The Butter Studio promises handbaked goodness whether you’re celebrating at home or organizing our corporate event. Contact us now to order our famous red velvet cupcakes, double nutella, over the rainbow, among our other sweet treats.