5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Sleeping Well At Night

Apart from being tiring and annoying, problems with sleeping can lead to some serious health problems. Insomnia can also affect your mood during the day and can slow down metabolism since your body does not get the chance to rest. Here are some common causes of insomnia and how to fight them.

Psychological Problems

The most common causes of insomnia and sleep deprivation can be related to some emotional and psychological problems. If you suffer from depression and anxiety it is more likely that you will not be able to have a good night’s sleep. Also, some emotional distress, such as grief, stress, anger and worry can sometimes keep you awake during the night. In order to fight insomnia that is caused by these, you will have to learn how to keep yourself calm and stress-free. Reduce your worries and strong emotions by meditating and other exercises which also work magic with anxiety. Also, if you have some severe psychological problems it is the best to consult with your doctor.

Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine has become one of the most popular legal drugs that people cannot quit consuming. It is a stimulant which can temporarily wake us up in the morning and improve our alertness and focus. However, if digested in greater amounts it can lead to anxiety, rapid heartbeat and problems with sleeping. If you are already drinking a lot of coffee and caffeine-containing teas, it is time to tone down a bit this habit in order to prevent many problems. If caffeine has already disturbed your sleeping routine, you should try and quite coffee and teas and acquire a healthy sleeping routine. Detoxify your body for a better good night’s sleep.

Bad Mattress

If you have a rather healthy diet, do not drink any coffee and you have learned how to achieve inner peace, and you still have problems with sleeping you should think about changing the mattress. Any new mattress is good and supports your back, but through time it can go bad and become uncomfortable. If the mattress is not supporting your body properly, besides the problems with sleep, you will have some problems with your muscles and bones. To prevent any of these, you should by a new mattress every ten years or so, and change your pillows regularly. However, if you already have some skeleton problems, due to uncomfortable mattress, visit your local Sydney chiropractor and get rehabilitated. After the treatment, change the mattress again, and start a new era of good sleeping.

Bedtime Snacks

Having a bedtime snack that is high in carbohydrates and sugar can encourage your body to produce more hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which will keep you awake during the night. You can either cut out any bedtime snacks or have a snack earlier in the evening, never right before the bed. If you prefer to have a bedtime snack, remember to make a healthy one and carbohydrate-free. You can opt from foods like almonds, peanuts, cereals and milk or fruits.

Noisy Environment

Since human brain works even when you are sleeping, you have to make sure to give it peace and quiet in order not to stress during the night. Any kind of noises in your room can represent additional information for your brain, thus keeping it awake and causing sleep deprivation. To sleep through the whole night darken your room, turn off TV, put your phone on silent and make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you live in a big city, outside noise can also be distracting, so you can replace your windows with PVC ones which block the sounds better.

Now that you know some common causes of sleep disorders, you can start working on your good healthy habits. Your bedroom should be safe and sound so you could be sound asleep every night.