3 Authentic Eateries In Lucknow

In the modern era, when the authentic food culture is fading away in different parts of the country, Lucknow still preserves its centuries old rich and sumptuous food culture. This article gives a brief introduction of three highly popular local eateries.

During a period when Indian authentic food culture is step by step losing the sense of direction amidst fast developing buildings and concrete structures and most importantly, thanks to the rapidly increasing chain eateries and western cooking, the Land of Nawabs otherwise known as Lucknow has kept its food culture still in place. Home to the Awadhi cooking, Lucknow is out of the race of 5-Star and chain eateries that dominate in different parts of India. The fragrance and taste of food in here is remarkable, and it draws considerable number of food connoisseur from all over India. Notoriety of Lucknow food owes to the master tutelage from several generations since the initial establishment of the city. There are some popular eateries in the city that have been running with same distinction for some eras.


There are such a variety of food alternatives to explore followed by enjoyment, in this city, that it is very much an overwhelming to count them all. It is quite true to say that no tale about Lucknow can be finished without a mention of its food! Simply book one of the Bangalore to Lucknow flights or a train from Mumbai and get busy exploring the food scene of the city.   

Breakfast at Bajpai Poori Kachauri Bhandar

Situated in Hazratganj, around 4 km from Lucknow-Charbagh railway station, Bajpai Poori Kachauri Bhandar is a 45 plus year old diner in the city and most noted all over Lucknow for its Alu ki Sabzi and Poori. It was begun by Bal Krishna Bajpai, who was then working in a Chakki shop, on a leased space from the Chakki shop proprietor. A mystery formula that goes into making the aloo ki sabzi so tasty. It is learnt that the ingredients utilized are homemade. At the point when the shop began in 1970, Mr. Bajpai used to offer 5 pooris for Rs. 1. Be that as it may, with time the costs have gone up, and, today you can have 5 mouth-watering pooris for Rs. 20.

Tea at Sharma Tea Corner

You can follow up the breakfast with a hot tea cup which is also fresh. A cup of hot tea is also ideal for you to begin to your amazing day touring Lucknow.  Sharma Tea Corner is a perfect place to have a cup of refreshing tea. It is in Lalbagh, around 4 km from the main Lucknow railway station, tea at this roadside stall tastes truly one of a kind. It was established by Pandit Om Prakash Sharma in in 1948; the shop is today ran by Deepak Sharma. Aside from tea, Samosa and Bun-makkhan are claims to fame of this stall. What makes the Bun-makkhan so delightful is that Makkhan is made at Sharmaji’s home.

Cool Yourself at Raja Thandai

If you need to cool down your body and soul, do visit Raja Thandai, which is situated in Old Lucknow, Gol Darwaza. This is the most famous spot to have some milk based Thandai. The beverages are made of different mixtures, for example, kesar, badam, pista, white pepper, kaju, and has some mystery ingredients as well. With a solid flavor of Fennel, this drink will cool down your senses. The shop got its name from the child of the founder, Vinod Kumar Tripathi who was known as Raja. It is the fourth generation that is running the shop.