Why We Love Horse Racing

Horse racing is the best sport in the world. I am certain of this. It has the most fanatical fans, with princes and princesses, kings and queens, sheikhs, captains of industry, and rock stars among their ranks. They are all engaged and knowledgeable in the finer points of the sport, as well as about the horses themselves. Horse racing fans are obsessed with the minutia of the sport. From the way the horse’s skins looks to their preferences in track composition, every possible variable is analysed and used to decide where the winner will come from.


A family of race lovers

The horse racing community is like one big family. They share racing tips and are there to relish the wins, commiserate with the losses, and share the adrenaline pumping excitement of watching magnificent animals race. From die hard fans and owners, to those who just head to the track for the big events, racing fans come from all walks of life. Some just want to observe and enjoy, others place bets and hope their horse will make them money.

The lure of a big win

One of the many reasons to love horse racing is the chance to place a bet and pick a winner. Some people make a living through assessing the odds and learning about the horses, then placing carefully considered bets. While it takes years to perfect a technique, and even then it can be unpredictable and subject to unforeseen anomalies, people have made their hobby into a lifestyle.

Even the day trippers are drawn by the promise of a big win, with many heading to the big races dreaming of picking the right runner. There are many stories about people winning race after race, letting it ride and walking away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. This glamour and promise of the extraordinary is one of the many reasons people return to the track week after week.

More than just horses running

Horse racing combines drama and excitement, with action and heart in the mouth thrills. One moment you can be riding the wave of success and exhilaration, the next your luck can turn and the favourites go against form, while a rank outsider storms to a win. Few other sports offer such a chasm between the highs and the lows, and this is why we love horses, racing, and the people around it.