Why Using A Hot Tub Could Be Good For You

Everyone knows how soothing a warm bath can be when in pain, but in a hot tub the warm water will stimulate blood circulation, particularly the production of the immune systems white blood cells which in turn will increase the amount of endorphins or feel-good hormones circulating around the body. This will help to reduce inflammation, rejuvenate the body and repair any damaged tissue so the body will recover much quicker. All it takes is a few minutes before the body begins to reap the benefits and we teamed up with www.vitaspa.co.uk to find out what these are.

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As the warm water will increase the bodies temperature and therefore the temperature of internal organs also, it is recommended that sessions are limited to around 20 minutes at a time. However, because the benefits begin to kick in quickly it is not necessary to stay in any longer than this.

All it takes is 5 minutes in a hot tub for the pulse rate and blood pressure to begin to drop. After another couple of minutes or so the circulation will begin to speed up and you’ll notice your hands and feet begin to feel warmer. Shortly after that, due to the buoyancy of the water, muscles will begin to relax and benefit from any gentle stretching exercises which can help to release any toxins and lactic acid which has built up in the body. Again, due to the support of the water, stress and pressure is reduced on the joints so any pain begins to reduce also. All this can take place within a 20 minute session which is so easy to fit into your day.

A hot tub can also provide an all over massage which is a well known way of reducing stress and promoting relaxation and can be particularly effective if you’re suffering from stiffness in any muscles.