When Should You Consider Contacting A Collision Repair Shop?

No matter how big or small a collision has happened, it always damages your car. The severity of the damage may vary depending upon the intensity of the collision. From high-speed crashes to minor bumps, most car collisions result in damages that need the expertise of a good auto body shop to do the repair. If you think that collision repair is simple, then you need to think again.

When Should You Consider Contacting A Collision Repair Shop

Even a minor collision can severely damage parts of your car. Therefore, it is important to see the help of an expert once your car has suffered a collision. You may want to read body shop Los Angeles reviews and then choose the best auto repair shop in the town.

Determine the total loss

Even if your insurance company says that your car is ‘totaled’, you shouldn’t leave the hope. A car that is declared totaled can still be repaired. You should contact a good auto body repair shop and let the expert there decide if your car can be repaired or not. When a car is declared ‘totaled’, it simply means that the cost of getting it repaired will be more than the actual value of the car. In that case, it totally depends on you if you want to repair your totalled car or not.

Damage in the structure of the car

One of the most common damage that happens during collision is the damage to the structure of the car. Your car may lose its alignment after the collision. Therefore, no matter how intense the collision was, always contact an auto body repair shop after the accident.

Experts at the shop will check your wrecked vehicle for misalignment. If they suspect anything wrong with the vehicle, then they would use big machines to bring back the alignment of your car which is very required.

Damage to the rear end

If your car is rear-ended, then it may suffer extreme damage depending on the speed before the collision. Read end collision can severely damage the structure of your car. This is again very important to get an expert check the structure and also the alignment to make sure your car is safe to drive any further.

Frontal Impacts

When a car suffers a collision, front part also gets damaged badly. The fact is that the front part repair is far more expensive and extensive in comparison with the rear end. A collision can damage parts of the car like the hood, the front bumper, the quarter panels, the windshield etc. In the case of minor damage, the experts at the repair shop will just work on these parts to fix them. However, in the case of major accidents, they would consider replacing the parts.


A car that rolls over gets damaged more in compared to the car involved in a rear or front end crash. Usually, in the case of a rollover car, it’s the frame that gets damaged most of the time. If that happens, every part of the car suffers a damage may be major or minor. When you decide to repair a car that has rolled over, make sure to contact an expert auto repair mechanic. This work may require additional manpower and money.