What To Do If You Are Suffering From A Workplace Injury

If you are injured or hurt on a job, then you may have to spend a lot of bucks on your medical bills. It may also occur that the employers and the insurance companies might also prevent you from getting the benefits of your worker’s compensation that you deserved.

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If you are a victim of workplace injury, then you can get entitled to the following benefits:

  • Medical benefits– This benefit include bills for hospital stays, doctor visits, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, prescription drugs and also for medical advice.
  • Disability benefits– The benefits consists of permanent or the temporary compensation for lost wages for the past, the current, and also for the future.
  • Mileage benefits-The settlement for traveling charge to and from the doctor visits and other related medical mileages falls in this category.
  • Job training benefits– If in case you are suffering from permanent disability and that you are not able to carry out your current job, then job retraining benefits may also be awarded to you.
  • Death benefits – Such benefits are extended or are provided to the spouses and to those dependents that lost their loved one tragically in a workplace related illness or injury.

In case you are suffering just a minor or small workplace injury, you might have missed no or little work, because of the injury. If the employer is admitting that your injury occurred at workplace, then you can settle the case alone. It is a wise decision to consult a worker’s comp attorney even in such relative small cases. They can alert you of any potential pitfalls, or any other complexity or process regarding your case.

It is the duty of the employer to protect you and provide you with safety issues, which will affect you. He should report the incident to the worker’s compensation board and to the worker’s insurance company, and also not to mention must compensate your injury.

When to hire an attorney

You should hire a lawyer or a workers’ compensation attorney in complex situations like below happens-

  • Employer denies the claim or failure to receive the benefits on time.
  • All of your medical bills and lost wages are not covered in your employer’s offer for settlement.
  • The injury results in unfavorable circumstances resulting to your job lost and disabilities.
  • If the workers’ compensation isn’t properly structured, then you will be unable to receive most of the social security disability benefits. An experienced lawyer will help you with proper settlement to eliminate or minimize such risk.
  • Your employer or boss retaliates against you for the workers’ compensation claim.
  • If your injury was caused due to the negligence by a third-party, then you have the potential of making a third-party claim.

Your attorney will make sure every requirement is made on time. He/she will have in and out knowledge about the compensation laws and the entire necessary medical evidence for the claim and tilt the case towards your favor.

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