Travel Packing Tips: How To Pack Small Carry-On International Travel

Are you going away for a holiday on an international trip? We know that the excitement must be boiling up as you wait for the day you board that plane. While the excitement is all good, there are important things that you need to secure not only to ensure that you are able to travel – like passports or plane tickets – but also to make travel easy for you.

Among the items that should sit high on your travel checklist is your carry-on bag, and of course, the contents that you put in it. Since carry-on bags are relatively smaller than your luggage, you are given only a selected few items to put in it, and the rest goes to the big bag.

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What is the importance of packing a small carry-on for international travels?

Traveling abroad is not your usual taxi or train ride that takes a few minutes or an hour the most. Oftentimes, when you travel across seas, the plane ride may take at least four hours. That means you will have to be sitting on the plane for four hours, and we all know that you can’t bring your entire luggage with you inside the plane. The big luggage goes downstairs in cargo.

With that in mind, you will need to have a small bag where you can take all the basic necessities with you – mobile phones, books to read during the flight, tickets and passports, wallets, and everything else that you think you will need in the next few hours.

How to pack a small carry-on for international travels?

Your carry-on should contain the basic necessities that you will need while you are waiting for your flight, during the flight and during your vacation. When packing for a carry-on, here are 5 most basic and important things that it should contain:

  • Your roundtrip plane ticket and passport.
  • Your identification card.
  • Any medication that you need to take, e.g. maintenance meds
  • Your mobile phone and a charger or extra battery for your mobile phone
  • You should always have cash ready, in the country’s currency

These 5 items will not take up much space, so you are free to put in anything you like to bring like cameras, toiletries or food. Just make sure it is not too heavy for you.

What are the benefits of packing a carry-on?

Having a carry-on luggage has many benefits for you. Here are some of them:

  • You can save on additional fees that can be eaten up by additional kilograms on your luggage.
  • You can access your things immediately like you mobile phone, your wallet or your passport.
  • You can save time if you only have a carry-on luggage. No more waiting lines on claiming your checked-in luggage.
  • You are free to walk around and roam around without having to worry about carrying a large luggage with you. Your carry-on should contain the basic things you need as you go around every day.

Make your travel more worthwhile when you do not have to worry about your stuff and where to put them. Having one bag for all your necessities can free your hands while you take photos and experience the new stuff and activities in your vacation. Enjoy your trip and make your travel easy peasy. Bon Voyage.