Things One Should Know About Whiplash Claim

Things One Should Know About Whiplash Claim

Hundreds of travellers in every country suffer injuries of neck, which have occurred because of other person’s fault while on road. Similar to other injuries occurred while travelling due to other person fault, compensation for whiplash can be claimed by the injured person.

What exactly is whiplash?

The termed is concerned with neck injuries occurred due to sudden movement or twist of neck. It happens when the upper part of an individual is thrown in front side, backside or sideways with a sudden jerk.

Sometime the jerks may cause serious injury to neck like damaging its ligaments or tendons. Falling, slipping or tripping of a person quickly while involved in accidents may lead to sustain such injuries to neck.

Sometimes the symptoms are not recognised as soon as the accident occurs. It may take hours or couple of days to experience the pain, and the discomforts associated with it. The pains get worsen and sometimes the victim isn’t able to move his/her neck. In many cases the symptoms continue to play their havoc for more than six months.

Usual symptoms of whiplash:

  • Neck pain and feeling of stiffness while moving the neck.
  • Swelling of neck muscles.
  • Damage of ligaments of neck.
  • It may result in numbness of hands and shoulders.
  • Feeling of dizziness.
  • Even injured person’s vision gets affected.
  • Spasms and sprains of muscles around neck.
  • Even they may fall prey to mental ill health disorders like depression and stress.

Whiplash claims are mostly done, when injured party has the right to have compensation from the party that has been cause for the accident. Every whiplash claims are different as the impact of injury isn’t same in every accident case.

The amount received as compensation will depend upon the severity of the injuries sustained on neck at the time of accident. Circumstances which lead to the happening of accident will also be noted, while the compensation amount is finalised.

The steps needed to be taken while applying for whiplash claim:

  • You need to consult a skilled lawyer, who specializes in accidental claims. The person will be able to tell you if the grounds of claim are reasonable or not. The lawyer will give you a rough calculation of the money you are expected to receive, if the claim gets sanctioned in court of law.
  • Many lawyers don’t take fees for the first consultation, and few may even work on the basis of ‘no win, no fees’. This kind of policies helps you to have the claiming process done in reasonable cost.
  • Even if you were a passenger during the clashing of the vehicles, you can still claim for whiplash compensation.

The amount will cover your medical bills and the financial loss occurred due to your absence in your working place. To gain more information about the possibilities of claiming whiplash compensation, consult reputed motor vehicle accident solicitors. They will be able to guide you properly and even win your whiplash claim case, and charge you minimum fees for their service.

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