Stratfor – An Agency Giving Out Static Security Predictions

Is the world secure globally? No, it’s a big fat no, because of the terrorist’s encounters the countries are facing nowadays. Not only the underdeveloped or developing nations but the developed one’s are also not safe nowadays. The countries are keeping strict vigil on every outsider so as to protect their own citizens but still the situation is same.

In these adverse circumstances, the expert security reviews are important and can save the lives of the citizens globally. For that, many organizations are relying on the geopolitical intelligence agency Stratfor which is an established name in this field.

Making a difference on the global front

Stratfor was founded in the year 1996 and is the famous intelligence firm which provides exact information about economic, security and political reports from all around the world. It has already gained much popularity amongst the individuals and the commercial houses globally.

Stratfor - An Agency Giving Out Static Security Predictions

It is based in Austin, Texas and is also rendering its services to the government organizations through various reports by the experts. The firm has made a mark in the recent years with the books and newsletters published from their end. So, the agency is rendering its services in a popular manner through resources such as:-

  • Weekly newsletters: – This is for the individuals as they get to know about the latest news, current updates on security issues etc. It helps them to have an insight into the security matters and what all arrangements the organizations are making for their citizens.
  • Renders out the forecasts: – The firm sources out quarterly, annual or the decade forecasts. With its news and chilling forecasts, citizens are getting aware about the scenario which will prevail in the future. They publish the reports on the security and other issues and the role of powerful nations.
  • Specialized series of weekly reports: – This is based on many geopolitical intelligence insight reports which help people to know about security conditions. In this specialized series, many topics related to security and geographical issues are addressed.
  • Intelligence weekly: – The security conditions are not appropriate globally especially in the Asian and Middle East countries. So, it becomes necessary for the commercial owners to know about the trends which the nations are following for dealing with these issues.

Sourcing out other relevant services

Not only does the Stratfor agency sources out newsletters but it is providing personnel advices to its global clients on various issues which have erupted due to terrorism. Let’s have a look at them:-

  • Through speeches, they are helping the organizations to have an insight into the security, political and economic issues which are prevailing globally.
  • To give an assessment report regarding the risk that can occur in some affected regions.
  • It also gives reports regarding global intelligence and its performance in various fields.

Lastly, we can say that the agency is providing the best of services in the geopolitical sphere which sources out exact predictions for the people globally.