Proven Effective Strategies Of Cracking The AIPMT

Medical career is among the top choices of the students nowadays and it is also a stable career. For having a successful jump start to your medical career you need to crack the AIPMT. Now, in the upcoming AIPMT 2016, a lot of medical aspirants will be appearing to get admission to the top medical colleges across India.


As there are a lot of applicants and the number of seats all across India is as low as 2100. Anyways, if you get some rank within 3000 in all India ranking, you can expect admission in some colleges across India as there are some other colleges like AFMC or BHU where the admission will be from the top rankers in AIPMT. So, you have to prepare really hard for securing AIPMT admission or having some positive results from the AIPMT counseling. Now, here are some strategies which are proven effective for the AIPMT exam.

Some Strategies for AIPMT Preparations

Let us take a look at some of the strategies for having the desired AIPMT result or good rank in AIPMT 2016:

  • Keeping the NCERT books (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) of classes 11 ad 12 at hand as they are very useful.
  • Practice and go through the previous year’s question papers of AIPMT.
  • Keep a track of the AIPMT syllabus as that is quite vast and you need to study the required portions for best results.
  • Help from the competitive exam question banks or reference books with AIPMT answer key for extensive practice. The help can be taken from online.
  • Be selective in learning as everything from the AIPMT syllabus is not important for cracking AIPMT 2016.
  • Keep a track of the progress of your preparations by giving mock tests and various online tests. Evaluation is also very necessary.
  • Regular brush up or revision for keeping track of past chapters and such that you don’t forget them.
  • Practicing a lot as the AIPMT paper will not be easy or straight forward. You have to be prepared for a tricky or hard question paper.
  • Proper use of the latest technologies like the AIPMT app which can give good assistance to AIPMT preparations.

Now, elaborating the points and talking about them in details, let us see some of the strategies for cracking the AIPMT.

Taking Help from NCERT Books

NCERT books are very important in AIPMT preparations. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology books from classes 11 and 12 are good sources for having a jump start to AIPMT 2016 preparations. It is the best initial stage in AIPMT preparations.

Practicing the Previous Year’s Question Papers

Practicing the previous year’s question papers will help you get a good idea about the question patterns as the AIPMT exam papers will be tough. It will also give some taste about the level of questions.

Know the AIPMT Syllabus

As the syllabus is vast, you need to know the exact syllabus for perfect preparations. Any confusion in the syllabus will result to faulty preparation. So, firstly get a correct AIPMT syllabus and keep it at hand.

Practice from the Reference Books or Online Medium

Proper practice until you achieve perfection is the only way and you need to prepare from as many sources as you can to increase the chances of getting through.

Selective Studying

Selective studying of the syllabus and laying more stress on the important portions and ignoring the ones which are not so significant are necessary for preparations.

Give Mock Tests

Give enough mock tests and keep a regular track of your progress. Revision is also important so that you don’t forget the past topics.


Make proper use of latest technology and take necessary help from the various AIPMT apps available in market.