Choose Appropriate Deck Stains For Safety and Best Appearance

Deck stains help in the protection of deck against fungus, moisture, snow and ultraviolet rays. There is a wide range of brands available in the market for deck stains. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. The three major types of stains are –

  • Clear
  • Semi transparent
  • Solid stains

Everyone is commonly confused whether to opt for deck stain, a deck sealer or deck paints. All these are general terms while talking about deck coatings and there are no specific definitions for all these. Professionals use these words generally but some detailed clarification may further help you choose a perfect one amongst the three.

Choose Appropriate Deck Stains For Safety and Best Appearance

Deck Sealers

If you love natural wooden looks, it is best to choose deck sealers. Besides they also provide water protection. Maximum deck sealers have water repellency properties. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot shield against the harmful UV rays. This causes graying of wood over a period of time.

An advantage of a sealer is that it does not change the surface appearance. It also provides protection to the surfaces from mold, water damage, and mildew and foot traffic. Thus, this is the best clear, translucent and transparent coating you can go for without alteration of appearance.

Deck Stains

Deck stains provide weather protection like the sealers, but they change the wood appearance. Tinted and toned deck sealers are known as deck stains. They are available in variety of tints while the most common ones being brown, red and natural tones. They enhance the beauty of the wood with visible wood grains. They also help in UV protection due to the added pigment. They are usually available in a semi solid and semi transparent variety.

Deck Paints

Deck paints are solid colored highly pigmented deck stains. In other words, they can also be called solid deck stains. They do not penetrate in the wood, but forms a film. This creates a complete mask hiding the surface. The best part is that they give maximum UV protection. However, it may crack and peel off on the horizontal surfaces. Basically, this is a color representation and no wood is shown.

Let us further see the various types and their distinguishing characteristics –

Clear Stains

This is also called a deck water sealer. This makes the grain visible due to its pigment and oil free ingredients. However, wood can be protected from the moisture due to its preservatives and waterproof properties. They offer a good deck protection, but should be reapplied every year and prevent a small amount of UV rays.

Semi-Transparent Stains

This stain type is soaked in wood and thus lasts longer than other types. Its protection is also comparatively stronger. They peel the deck surface due to certain ingredients. Also, with passage of time they should be reapplied since they lose color. Choose cheap timber decking Melbourne for the best results and protection.

Solid Stains

This sits on the deck surfaces and look as if painted. They give a uniform appearance without seeping into the deck wood. Discoloration can be hidden with this stain type. They also cause peeling, cracking and chipping.