A Way To Deal With Clutter

In today’s society, especially in the US, people tend to hoard stuff. However, most don’t think about it. And yes, if you actually consider it for a bit, you may notice many things around your house, which you will probably never use, but they take up space anyway. Or stuff that you’ve used for quite some time and now is broken or you’ve just lost interest. This happens quite a lot. Many people keep their magazines for years, others just don’t throw away newspapers and they pile up. I had a neighbor back in the day, who had subscriptions to all sorts of magazines and newspapers and quite often I would find a box in front of her home, filled to the top with such items. When I asked her about it one day, she said that she has many more boxes inside her home, and she just doesn’t know what to do. Throwing them away seemed like throwing money away.

Many people are in a similar position. Maybe it’s not magazines, but books. Or toiletries, or old makeup, or just about anything. And it is not necessarily trash either. There are many people out there who collect magazines, who like old books, people who my find use of your unused items. You may be surprised that the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is absolutely literal. I had books, in which I thought no one would be interested, but a friend of mine actually had a collection of old books. Not even special books. He just had a library filled with all kinds of reads and he loved it.


Interestingly enough people are not bothered by clutter and hoarding in their day-to-day lives, but it becomes quite an issue when all of a sudden people have to move, and they have tons of unused items they have to toss. Because finding a good moving company, and then providing boxes which to fill is one thing, but actually deciding what and how to move is a whole another problem. But don’t worry, we can offer you a solution of sorts.

First, consider what can be of any value. Don’t go overboard, but still – a broken clock is a broken clock, and is probably trash. Unusable furniture, too, is trash. Other things, which hold some value, can be managed accordingly. For example, you can have a garage sale. You can try to sell all your unused clothes (which are in good shape, otherwise – the trash). Same goes for electronics, books and other related items. Sure, some things won’t sell. But then there are other options to consider. You can ask friends if they want something or you can just go straight to charities.

Charities are not that hard to find and many have thrift stores. You can even skip the entire step of a garage sale and go straight to donating. You can actually still have some money saved this way, because donations are tax deductible in some occasions. Books can easily go to local libraries or again – thrift stores.

You should want to have as little unusable stuff as possible by the time you have to pack your things and move. And even if you don’t want to move, getting rid of clutter is always beneficial – freeing up space may bring a fresh look to your home.