What You Should Know About The Top Benefits Of Using LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Currently, it provides about three percent of the world’s energy, but that number is sure to grow. LPG is a very versatile gas, utilised for rural heating, cooking, as motor fuel, and even as a replacement for ozone-damaging refrigerants. The next best alternative to natural gas, LPG will definitely allow us all to go cleaner. But what exactly are the benefits of using LPG?

A look at the top benefits of using LPG for your home or business

LPG is incredibly flexible

LPG provides instant, reliable, and highly-controllable heat, both indoors and outdoors – and can basically be installed anywhere. There is no need for other sources of energy – LPG has a self-contained portable unit and system. Despite the fact that it can run completely independent, it’s also possible to combine it with other sources of energy.

LPG has no fewer than two thousand different kinds of uses, both domestic and industrial. For cooking, it can be used on the hob, for barbeques, or for camping trips. Water heaters can run on LPG, as do warm swimming pools and hot bath tubs. A significant number of factories work with LPG, and vehicles can run on it as well.

LPG is convenient

Some forms of energy require a base, a hard structure that cannot be moved, in order for the energy to be usable and practical – think of electricity, solar power, or water hydro-electric power. They require plants to produce the power, a network of wires to distribute the power, and even a fixed electrical socket or plug. Unless energy can be stored in batteries, the stationary nature of electrical facilities makes it sometimes burdensome to use.

LPG is convenient because it is portable. It can easily be hooked up to a main grid, much like electricity, but because gas can be transported in tanks and other containers, it can both be stored and transported at will – even to places where no other energy sources are available. For instance, any self-respecting outdoorsman loves to cook his favorite catch in the woods, away from the grid.

LPG is clean

Although LPG is derived from fossil fuels, it burns much cleaner than ordinary fossil fuel. What makes conventional fuels so damaging to the environment are the by-products – notably carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur, nitrogen, and other particles created by the process of burning. LPG gives off less of these particles – and this tremendous reduction in air- and health-damaging materials makes the gas much greener compared to its fossil fuel counterparts.

Not only is it cleaner, it also has a high combustion efficiency – you get more for your money, and it’s higher quality, too. Furthermore, it is completely safe: in case of a spill, it will naturally evaporate very quickly, leaving no trace on the ground or water when accidentally spilled.

LPG is economical

LPG is easy to set up, and if there’s any installation required, it happens very economically. Installation costs are very low, especially if you put the price tag of heating oil next to it. There’s no noise or smell when using it, and installations can often be done underground, out of sight. Furthermore, thanks to its efficiency, LPG ensures you get what you pay for – and much more.

More and more people are looking to LPG as a cleaner, more stable, and cheap alternative energy. Because of its thousands of applications and the ability to transport and store it so easily, it’s easy to see why. Of course, if you are thinking of setting up LPG in your home or business, it is always best to opt for a fully-qualified gas engineer who can give you exactly the service and expertise you require. For an experienced and reliable gas engineer in London, turn to Milgas for all your needs.

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