What Is Targeted Leaflet Delivery

Targeted leaflet delivery is a method of marketing used to make sure the product or service goes to a particular group of people. This group of people is generally called the Target Market. There is quite a bit of work which goes into making sure these leaflets get to the proper market for the service or product being offered. There are three basic steps to making sure the target market gets the information that is appropriate for the product and the market being targeted.

Who is the Target Market

Depending on the product or service the target market could be anyone really. This is why determining the correct target market is the first step. Companies begin with the product or service being offered. Who would be interested in the product or service being provided? What demographic of people already use the product or service and where is this demographic located in the market area?

Who is interested in the product or service

For the sake of this article the product which will be marketing to a particular group will be high end vacuum cleaners. So what kinds of people are in the market for a high end vacuum cleaner? These will be the people who are interested in keeping their houses cleaner than others and have plenty of disposable income to spend on a better vacuum than most. So that answers the first question.

What demographic of people already use these vacuums

This part of the marketing campaign is pretty simple because most companies look at past sales and determine where their sales were the highest in the past. This is where they can find what demographic is already using their vacuums.

Where is this demographic located

Again this information comes from past sales. For the high end vacuum cleaners the people who are already using these are generally in more affluent neighbourhoods. This raises the likely hood of the target market having the disposable income to spend on these vacuum cleaners.

How to Target the Market

Now that it is determined who the target market is, it is now time to determine how to reach this market with information about the high end vacuum cleaners. Now this stage directly depends on the company who is marketing. Some companies will use people to deliver leaflets door to door, some will do a direct mailing about when their people will be in the area selling these vacuum cleaners, and there are other companies who employ a more direct approach of just sending their sales people door to door. Any of these methods are great and work well however the method which seems to get the best attention is delivering leaflets to the target area.

How does Targeted Leaflets Work for the Market

Once the leaflets are delivered to the targeted market one of two things will happen. First people will contact the company offering the vacuums and set an appointment to have one shown in their home. This is the desired outcome of any type of targeted marketing delivery. Second is a much different outcome; people making sure they are not home when the sales team comes through the area. This is why when a sales person is going to be in the area it is generally not listed on the marketing leaflet.

Whether selling vacuum cleaners as in the example or advertising a sale to a particular crowd there is a need for using targeted leaflet delivery to a particular market. It will most generally gather more sales as long as the leaflet is worded properly and makes it to the proper market.

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