Things To Do In Prague and The Bohemian Attractions

Prague holds the reputation as the city of one thousand spires and has behind it, a rich history of civilisation, eventful epochs and landmark events. In recent history, the fall of communism about 25 years ago was referred to as the velvet revolution and having emerged from those shadows, Prague is now one tourist delight. A list of things to do in Prague will be such a packed itinerary that will make even a seasoned tourist blush.

From five –star hotels etched on the precincts of an ancient monastery to one hoisted in an erstwhile nuclear bunker, the list of what to do in Prague, cannot be any more enriched than this. With its mix of Bohemian outlook and unrestrained fun, the unconventional is wrapped up in the garments of the conventional in these shores.

Whether you are talking about the food tasting, the beer binge or the unhinged revelry, there are many things to do in Prague that bears the unique Czech toga that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Food and Restaurants

Meals at Czech restaurants are traditionally presented as heavy and for the tourists who come in here; most chefs have learned to put a lighter touch to the meal size. A restaurant treat as part of the things to do in Prague promises you an exciting outing.

The Bohemian treat is 7-course encounter and at any ranking restaurant, you can end up spending three hours dining. You are sure to encounter recipes that promote smoked beef tongue, pickled shallots, chickpea puree or crusty tartare. If you are not one to be fazed by unfamiliarity, you will relish your food tasting experience with tasty vinegar and honey memories.

The Nightclubs

A unique canvas of graffiti-rich doors is a common sight in Prague and with a nightclub experience as one of the things to do in Prague; you will be set for a quirky time with other revelers.

The entrancing scenery of a former bunker as one of the fun Prague attractions might make you blush but not to worry; it’s all part and parcel of the Bohemian experience. Never in short supply is the assemblage of electro-pop avant-garde tunes serenaded by industrial tracks flowing from the jet-paced coterie of DJs around the city of Prague.

Most outlets have at least two ventilation towers and a couple of emergency exits to provide a leeway in the face of probable meltdown.

The Zizkov Beers

The Zizkov district sits on the sight of erstwhile industrial boom houses that have been stripped of the relics of the communist armada. Now a melting pot of nightlife and quixotic adventures, many tourists finds their way here as a vital part of things to do in Prague, and for those who are not claustrophobic, this epicenter of dense drinking venues surely beckons.