Solar Power Panels Have Certain Specific Requirements

Sun is the closest star to the planet earth and is very powerful. Solar energy is the source you get to derive through the heat of the sun. IF you calculate the energy emitted by the sun in one hour then you may find that it is sufficient to provide a year’s energy, globally. Humans have been able to harness only 0.001% of that energy.

Solar Power Panels Have Certain Specific Requirements

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Questions to consider

While you are thinking about installing the solar panels there are few questions you may need to consider. They are as follows:-

  • Is your roof spacious enough to accommodate solar panel array?
  • Is there provision for sufficient sunlight?
  • Installation of solar power panels is legal or not in your locality?
  • Does your budget allow you to move ahead?
  • Is the investment worth?

Hire professional

There are some minute observations that need to be made, while installing the solar power panel. They are as follows:-

  • Size of the panel
  • Where to install them?
  • Will they perform the best?

These panels are not something that you would be buying every day. That is why it is better to call a professional. The pros attached with the professional service providers are many:-

  • They are professionally trained
  • They are technically equipped
  • They have the license to do the job

Once you see the company has got a license to do the installation, check experience. It gives you an idea of how much years the installation company has been in this particular stream. The sensitive matter arises when the system is a standalone one. Just find out if the team has installed a system like this or not.

Size and the tilt – Both matter a lot

The size of the panel is directly proportional to your energy requirements. It is better to be energy efficient, beforehand. This means that lesser energy is consumed leading to lower monthly bills.

Later comes the turn of your expectations from the system. The much you need, get the system installed accordingly.

PV modules are the kinds that they must be oriented to catch maximum sunlight daily.  If locates at the northern hemisphere, the best positioning is south. The PV modules can be easily tilted up to an angle of 45 degrees either east or west.

If the place where you are installing the system is the roof then consider the angle and the positioning of your systems, accordingly. Landscape style is the best as it inhibits the best. Beware of the bad weather condition and be prepared for emergencies.

The pros of having solar power panels

  • It is abundant
  • It is clean
  • It is renewable source
  • A step towards preservation of environment
  • You prevent emission of CO2
  • You prevent use of fossil fuels that are non-renewable
  • You participate in the ‘Go Green’ project

There are many boons attached with the use of solar power panels. So take advantage of the solar power made cheap through incentives, tax rebate, and competitive rates.