Physiotherapy For The Pregnant Patient

Physiotherapy is a common treatment that is often used to treat people suffering from pain, stiffness, weakness of muscle, injury and chronic illness such as arthritis. During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences remarkable changes which can significantly affect her overall body performance from day to day.

Discomfort is considered as a normal accepted process in pregnancy. However, it could go beyond that in some cases. This is where physiotherapy comes in as a way of establishing relive from the discomfort experienced and help to get the pregnant body ready for an easy delivery and better recovery.

During pregnancy, some common tasks such as standing, walking, sitting and working can be strenuous. Discomfort is common experience with virtually all pregnant women. Statistics has shown that 1 in every 4 women experience temporal disabling problems. However, simple techniques can be adopted with physiotherapy to help in relieving them of this discomfort.

Beside the fact that there is an increased level of weight to be carried during pregnancy, pregnant women also experience centre of mass changes and more pressure on the organs. As a result of these short term developments, urinary incontinence, back pain and pelvic pain are experienced in most pregnancy cases.

In fact, back pain is a common disorder that is mostly affects more than two thirds of pregnant women, while one fifth of women under pregnancy experience pelvic pain. Urinary incontinence is generally witnessed by 40% of women in their first pregnancy. Evidence has proven that pregnant women can be relieved of pelvic pain, lower back pain and urinary incontinence when medical group training programs are organized and effectively administered by physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Cambridge has been in the business of helping pregnant women. All activities and programs evolve within the scope of physiotherapy practice aimed at rendering proper assessment, treatment and education of pregnant women through efficient and safe exercises which have proven to drastically decrease pelvic pain, back pain and urinary incontinence as experienced by pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and post-partum.

Physiotherapy in Cambridge employs highly experienced physiotherapists who specialize in delivering effective programs for pregnant women. Some of which include

Ensuring proper screening of pregnant women to ascertain their eligibility to safely participate in any program exercise

Assessing their strength, balance, posture, flexibility and any other issue relating to musculoskeletal pain that could affect pregnancy.

Passing out relevant information and instruction to patients on safe and effective ways of performing effective exercises.

Ensuring that individualized approaches are properly utilized even within a group setting

Ensuring that group discussions and educations are properly rendered in relation to pre and post natal health.

This program has shown to be an effective means of offering pregnant women with a highly improved quality of prenatal fitness that is aimed at leading to a more easy and healthy pregnancy period and delivery process. It presents an integrated approach to service health care through which detailed assessment findings are shared.

When women who might be experiencing a high risk of pregnancy are discovered, private sessions of physiotherapy are organized with strict adherence to all instructions and restrictions as provided by the healthcare and rendering main focus on ways of maintaining a more comfortable pelvic floor by alleviating pain.

The physiologists ensure that they render proper assistance to pregnant patients by making sure that they attain to their best before their time of delivery. With the incorporation of these essential recommendations and exercise programs in their daily routine, wellness is often maintained while a healthy pregnancy is achieved.

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