One Large Leap For Mankind – The Videoconferencing Way

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. People are always looking for a way to express themselves through picture and video. Videoconferencing solutions like Telstra video conferencing attests to the fact that we have made vast leaps in this field. When video conferencing online, in real-time, there is a lot more that can be expressed and said than a traditional phone call. It is easier to adapt to a changing situation as well.

A prime example of this is for international corporations. If you are the head of HR in an organization located in Perth and you need to train a team of new recruits at the branch in Hong Kong, you are going to need something more effective than an email or a phone call. Sharing data is a necessity in this type of situation, and it is only logical that it will be far more effective in real-time. Being able to see yourself doing what you have to do, and seeing the reactions and expressions of the people you are talking to can lead to a far better experience all round.


Some of the best benefits of videoconferencing over normal voice calling or messaging are shown below, so that everyone can see for themselves, how beneficial it can be for businesses and individuals alike:

No more travel costs

The dream of all businessmen and women is to have the ability to teleport to different places in the blink of an eye. Videoconferencing enables this, and also allows you to be in multiple locations at the same time. This is truly the next level of human technological development, and it is available for nearly everyone who can afford it.

Face to face meetings and interactions are what most businesspeople feel are more effective. This includes interaction with partners, co-workers and customers. Of course, there is nothing like the real thing. Being there in real life is truly the best way to talk to someone and get your point across. However, since Doctor Who is still only a TV personality, we make do with ultra-HD videoconferencing.

Being there can be pretty costly too. If you were to go through the records for business trips for the accounts department in a year without videoconferencing, the number of trips taken annually multiplied by the costs (such as food and accommodation) related to the trip would be a staggering amount. This cost is one that could be very real if these technological marvels didn’t exist.

From a financial perspective, the cost of travel per year for a single employee is actually more than the cost of installing a video conferencing system throughout the company. Most of the current videoconferencing solutions are very advanced, and are compatible with current company infrastructure in order to minimise the initial installation costs of the system.

Increased productivity

A lot of companies in the present day have gone international. Nearly every mid-sized business in the country has branches in the rest of the world, or even across the country. Communication between the managing departments of each of these offices and the headquarters is critical to the success of the company. The usual methods of communication are phone calls, emails and fax machines.


If you are the team leader on a project at HQ in one part of the country and your team is scattered across the country, you are going to have a lot of trouble because there is no face to face interaction. This problem is eliminated when video conferencing is introduced to the mix. With video, members of the teams are usually more focused.

This results in the tasks at hand being completed much faster than usual, increasing the productivity of everyone involved because the members actually feel like they are a part of something huge.

Improved intra-office relationships

One of the biggest advantages of video conferencing is that it is possible to look at the people you are talking to. This means that you will be able to actively see their reactions via facial expression and body language. This in turn leads to quicker, more efficient transfer of information. It also boosts the quality with which the members work today.

Normal telephone conversations simply lack this major advantage, which is actually quite sad. If, for example, you are a CEO in your office in Brisbane and you hold regular company-wide video meetings with your employees inside the country as well as your branches in India, China and elsewhere, it will help all the staff in outstation offices to feel like they are actually connected with the heads of the company.