How To Select Surf Board Fins?

There are different types of surfing boards available in the market. But do you know that there are varieties of surfboard fins which you need to concentrate while choosing your surfing board. You may wonder what surfboard fins are and its special features and how to select them.

Below is an article which answers all your questions regarding surfboard fins. To know more detail about the surfboards and its accessories just visit the website comparesurfboards(dot)com which offers you more elaborated information about every type of surfboard available in the market.

Surfboard fins and its types

The surfboard fins are commonly called as skeg. The skeg is a hydrofoil covered part which is mounted at the tail of a surfboard. This is similar to a rudder of a boat which is used widely to enhance the directional stability and to control the wave through foot-steering process.

This is the part of the surfboard which enables the surfer to move fast, safe and effectively by cutting off the arising wave or by turning front and back easily. However, there are many types of surfboard fin systems to choose from and the most popular used fins are the glass on fins, removable fins, flexible fins and adaptive dynamic attack & camber fins.

How to choose a perfect fin for you

The first thing to consider about selecting fins is the characteristics of the fins available in the market. Below are few features which you need to consider while making your purchase on surfboard fins.

Depth of the fin

The fin with maximum height from the bottom of the board is the perfect one to choose, this shows how far the fin goes in the water which increases with the depth. But this type does not allow the surfer to turn easily.

Base of the fin

The next to check while selecting a surfboard fin is the base of the fin which needs to be long. This length of the fin where it joins the surfboard will increase the forward drive, but turning is harder.

 Fin’s foil

The surfboard fins are usually horizontal curve which is measured from the front edge to trailing edge of the surfboard.

Rake of the fin

The rake of the fin is the distance between the trailing edge of the fin base and the fin tip. The increase in the rake distance, will increases traction effect.

Tip and flex

The tip is the top third part of the fin which offers more hold to the surfer. The flex is the property of stiff fins which are faster but flexible whenever the surfer tries to make a turn. With this property the turning action is easy and flexible on the waves.

Therefore, consider the above mentioned feature to select your surfboard fin without confusion!