How To Choose Best Commercial Kitchen Fit Outs To Make A Stylish Kitchen Décor?

A good commercial kitchen fit out is the key to ensuring a comfortable and safe cooking environment. This is an important aspect of any café or restaurant as the goal is to make the kitchen safe and hygienic to work in while maintaining the functionality.

  • The process starts with choosing the right equipment. Now this is easier said than done. If you are starting out for the first time, you may think it easy to order some great looking instruments and appliances right away. It is better to take the help of some professional agency so that you don’t end up buying some fancy looking appliance that doesn’t work on day to day basis or whose maintenance costs more than another appliance of higher price.
  • Depending on the space available, you have to be able to decide installation of ovens, cooking grills, gas stoves, sinks, refrigerators, dish washers, exhaust canopies, racks etc. the design has to be such that one person making one dish doesn’t have to move cross the kitchen for ingredients, instruments and for using appliances.
  • This is essential to stall any unnecessary movement across the kitchen, which is a potential safety hazard, and this also saves time. At the same time, adequate space between work tables, storage spaces and appliances is necessary.

Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen floors is essential:

Apart from installation in functional and aesthetically pleasing manner, there should be provision for cleaning and sanitizing the floor, work spaces and the appliances. The appliances should be easily cleaned with provision for removal or dismantling if required with minimal disturbance. The floor should be graded so as to properly drain any liquid and easy cleaning. Facility for optimum disposal of food waste is a must.

Exhaust and ventilation system should work properly:

Proper exhaust and ventilation is an essential requirement of commercial kitchen fit out. With many models and increased features, you should be able to find the one suitable for you.

You can either opt for an extraction system wherein the canopy has baffle filters and a fan to remove the cooking fumes to the outside of the building. Or you can choose one with replacement air technology too.

  • For commercial kitchen it is desirable to have induction canopies, which use high velocity jets to force the cooking fumes to the hood for better extraction and replacement with air to cool down the hot air. This reduces possibility of sparks and also stops grease from building up.
  • Depending on the type of cuisine you plan to serve, odor neutralizers are a good option. These not only stop the grease build ups but also break down fine particles, which led to odors thus providing relatively clean air to be let out. The ducting, filters etc. have to be removable types for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Another important part is the lighting. You wouldn’t want the kitchen to look dark or too shiny both of which can have adverse working consequences. Similarly, lighting connections for major appliances should be safely housed and easily accessible for easy switch on and off.

You also need to have right storing space for various ingredients, dry as well as refrigerated.

Proper exhaust, sanitation, waste disposal, storage, lighting etc. make for a good and functional commercial kitchen. The walls and the floors should be easily cleaned and appliances installed in such a way that it is easy to clean them, under them and around them.

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