Hearing Loss During The Holidays

One common problem that comes with any sort of hearing loss is with communication- especially at get-togethers and within large groups. It can be hard to understand what’s being said with the sound of several others talking, food being eaten, and music blaring in the background. Because of this, the holiday season might be especially difficult for those with hearing damage. But there are plenty of ways to keep Christmas parties pleasant and sociable for everyone.

Tips for Hearing Loss Guests & Hosts

If you or a friend/loved one has hearing loss, there are several things you can do to make things easier at your next holiday gathering. For instance, depending on the severity of the hearing loss, people often read lips to better understand what is being said to them. To help your guest (or yourself) with this, avoid bright lights or distractions that could keep them from being able to see others’ faces easily.

Also, maintaining eye contact with someone can help them understand that you are speaking to them, and what you are saying. Tell your other guests about this, and be sure they don’t cover their mouth or turn away from someone with hearing damage during conversations.

Keep the Holiday Music Low

Many parties or dinners have music in the background, but if you or a loved one has hearing problems, it may be better to keep it at a low volume or turned off. For some, it’s difficult to separate background from foreground noise. Having sound from the TV or radio may make things muddled or harder to understand. At the very least, try to seat your guest away from the source of the noise.

Guide the Conversations

Keeping conversations from getting too loud can also help. When multiple people are speaking at the same time, it can be difficult to differentiate sounds and voices. Try to keep guests from shouting over each other, as well as several people talking at once.

Some people who have hearing loss, no matter how severe or minor, are often hesitant to ask for any of these adjustments. It may be difficult to voice your concerns at a party, concerned about any hinderances to the guests. But if you have knowledge of a person’s hearing damage, you can help them and speak to the other guests about helping them.

Whatever you do, don’t exclude or isolate them from a get-together. It can be a struggle to live with hearing damage, but having a supportive friend and family group could lighten the burden slightly. Bring them into conversations while still catering to their hearing health needs.

The cause of hearing loss, diagnosis, and advancement of hearing aids are all among the top priorities of current research. However, while this research is being conducted and studies are being tested, doing all you can to find a convienient way to have a hearing test online. They have been developed to accommodate those with hearing loss and is meant to encourage a one-on-one consultation for improvement.

So this holiday season, allow yourself, your friends, and your loved ones to have a good time while keeping everyone’s needs in mind and encouraging them to take the next step to better hearing.

Daniel Shaw is a senior health advisor at a senior housing community. Daniel, regularly helps senior citizens find answers to their health and hearing questions. As well as to their friends and families. Daniel enjoys, the community atmosphere and loves taking walks in the evenings with some of its seniors.