Great Britain’s Best Beaches

Travelling in Great Britain is an absolute pleasure. With its array of beautiful destinations, Britain is one of the best places for vacationing. Be it with family or solo, Britain has some of the best destinations to offer.

Britain’s beaches are spectacular and pristine. Most of the reputed ones are located on the western and southern coasts of Britain. If you are planning a visit to Britain, then you must check these beaches out since they would stun you. With holidays in Britain becoming affordable, we suggest that you do not miss out on these beautiful beaches of Britain.

In this article, we have listed a few best beaches of Britain that you must consider visiting on your vacation. Read on to find out more.

  1. Saunton Sands

Situated in North Devon, Saunton Sands is a three-mile stretch of untamed beach of golden sand that offers a pristine and calm resort to the restless mind. Behind the beach lies Britain’s largest sand dune system that goes by the name of Braunton Burrows. This Braunton Burrows houses a variety of beautiful butterflies and rare plants. It is an absolute treat to the eyes. You should not miss out on this place if you are visiting Britain.

  1. Scarista Beach

Scarista beach is one of the most renowned beaches of Britain. It is situated on the west coast of Harris in The Outer Herbrides. The sand here is the colour of pale gold. This beach is also backed by sand dunes and the view is absolutely breathtaking. The water is calm and sparkling. If you are lucky, you might even spot a seal or two playing around. Eagles are common too. Do not be surprised if you can even spot a deer walking down almost to the beach. The wildflowers that grow nearby are spectacular.

  1. Compton Bay

Compton Bay is situated in the southwest section of Isle of Wright. To be more specific, it is located in between the West Wight and the English Channel. The northern side of Compton Bay has a distinct white chalk cliff which is named Freshwater Cliff. When the tide is low, you can see dinosaur footprints. You can also spot fossils on the cliffs in low tide. However, on high tide, the beach gets completely covered by the water.

  1. Watergate Bay

If you are planning to holiday in Cornwall, then Watergate Bay should be at the top your beach list. Watergate Bay is situated in North Cornwall. This beautiful beach is backed by caves and cliffs. The sand found here is golden in colour. You can avail traction kiting or surfing lessons here on the beach. If you are looking for some alone time, you can also walk along the top of the cliff to experience tranquillity.

So the next time you decide to visit Britain, do not forget to bring along your beach wear because you do not want to be missing out on some spectacular beaches that it has to offer. You could also stay in the best country house hotel during your holiday.