Different Types Of Surfboards To Choose From

Surfing is water sport and an entertaining pass time activity which is played using a surfboard, sliding up on a wave that arises and reaches the sea shore. To enjoy the water to the fullest it is important that the surfer take proper training before stepping into the water. As well the surfboard needs to be light weighted and strong enough to tackle the wave currents in the sea.

Being a beginner to the sea, it is better to select surfing boards like stacey surfboards since they are the safest surfboard available in the market for new surfers. Other than the surfboard mentioned above, there are few more types of surfboards available for surfers of level and they are pointed out below in this article.

Types of surfboards- only for you

The surfboards are widely differentiated depending on their shapes and sizes and among them the most preferred surfboard types are fun board, hybrid surfboard, short board, and long board.

Fun board surfing boards

These are the larger surfing boards which are quite similar to long boards in volume. These boards are about 6 to 8 feet in length which is small when compared to long boards. But these boards are the perfect for surfers who are trying to shift from longer boards to smaller ones. Since these boards offer additional paddling power and stability to surfer while riding on the waves.

Hybrid board surfing boards

These boards are the newly introduced boards which contains trendy surfboard designs on it. This type of board is a mixture of few other design surfboards available already. That is the board includes the features of a short board like stability along with the tail design of a fish. A surfer can choose this type of board while surfing on a medium size day or instead of a usual smaller board.

Short board surfing boards

These boards are high performance yielding surf boards that enables the surfers to cross any type of boundaries in this water sport. This board is usually 7 feet long and wider too. This allows to slide easily even on the critical sections of the wave. It includes parts like sharp noses, rails which are thin in thickness, and up to three or four fins.

Long board surfing boards

These boards are the oldest available designs which are about 8 feet to 12 feet long, 2.5 inches thick and 20 inches wide. The volume in the board allows the surfer to paddle fast with an incredible speed as well helps to catch waves with ease. Being a beginner it is advisable to start on a long board to learn paddling technique, wave selection, and turning basics.

So, get ready to surf using a perfect surfing board now!