Choose The Right Inflatable Marquee To Run Any Event With Flying Colors

It is already a known fact that marquees and tents provide shelter under any kind of severe circumstances like weather or manmade hazards. Earlier, it was and is still used by the nomadic tribes who move to new locations. Now, they are used to provide shelter at outdoor events or an attractive space indoors, which helps to make your event more successful. Events may be in the form of entertainment or a business meeting on a large scale or on a small scale basis. Around the world, different types of outdoor events are happening to serve either social causes business conventions or sports meetings. If the event runs successful, then the credit goes to the tent or marquee makers. Tent and marquee designers are putting their best efforts in creating marquees in innovative ways. It has become a revolutionary form of art to gain the attention of the viewers which leads to more sales.

Stretch Structures inflatable marquee

If you are planning a wedding reception or wishing to throw a huge party for your clients or any form of professional meet up, then you should contact Stretch Structures. They can design and create an inflatable marquee to meet your needs, even in a customized format. It is why most people choose a Stretch Structures inflatable marquee for whatever the purpose of the occasion may be. The major reasons are highlighted as follows:

  • Your Inflatable marquee is available in various contemporary shapes with distinct and flashy colors which leaves an impressive mark in the minds of your customers.
  • You can choose from their wide range of inflatable marquees or have one designed or customized to your requirements. They welcome input from their customers in shaping and designing their inflatable marquee or tent.
  • Apart from the designing of the inflatable marquee which can be swollen with the help of an electric pump within a few minutes, you also need to focus on the furnishing of the interiors as well that will attract and retain the crowd for the longest time. Depending on the theme of the occasion, the appropriate inflatable accessories are needed and should be installed. Colorful Inflatable lighting helps to create a dream like sequence during a night time event within the interior as well in the outdoor areas. Whether it is a professional meet or any entertainment event, appropriate seating arrangements along with a help desk will raise the comfort level of your visitors and also your staff members.
  • Food and drinks is another concern in any event, therefore, a temporary kitchen base can be installed to prepare or arrange the food and serve hot or cold drinks to your visitors.
  • The entire event during the night or day is powered by electricity. A separate inflatable marquee is often needed to be installed to source the electricity to power points of every necessary location of the event.
  • An Inflatable marquee must have good ventilation so that the crowd inside does not feel like they are suffocating. If a lot of people are going to assemble inside the inflated marquee, windows need to be carved out on the tent fabric to let the fresh air come in and so your guests don’t feel tired or drowsy.
  • As safety is also the major concern, a special exit door is carved out in case of any sort of emergency.
  • The most important feature associated with the inflated marquee is the quality of the fabric used in the manufacture. Generally, stretch fabric is selected by the marquee maker which will be attractive to make the event glamorous and memorable. It is also the durability of the stretch fabric which gives marquee owners the assurance to utilize it for the long run.
  • Inflatable marquees are available at moderate charges in the tent or marquee market. Therefore, it can be easily accessible for celebrating any form of event.
  • Inflatable marquees and other inflatable accessories are light weight which makes them very convenient. You simply place all of the inflatable items into their bags after flushing out the air and carry it in your car or in other modes of transport to shift to other locations.