Big Mistakes Which Data Management Companies Do

Data management has become an important term for all the big data management companies dealing with big amounts of data on a regular basis. It refers to all the metrics of data quality, metadata, data warehousing, data security and data ownership. Data governance is just a framework which aligns strategy, defines goals and implements policies for the information in enterprise. But the fact is that data management has failed in many big companies managing data because people misinterpreted the meaning of data management there. Once data management is misinterpreted, the data management companies hardly get the second chance and therefore it is advisable to understand managing data in better terms. Here are the common mistakes which companies dealing with big data do.

Mistake 1- Collection of data indiscriminately by the big data management companies

Big data management companies collect loads and loads of data. This is good but they do not know how to make sense of it. They jump into collecting raw data to make conclusions and investigations. But raw data makes no sense in placing in bigger databases or copying into spreadsheets endlessly.

Collecting data which is not focused and target leads to the collection of unwanted data which is of no use when the analysis part is initiated,

Mistake 2- Collecting data with no planning

Most of the companies collecting big data have no plan or forethought before they start doing it. Planning is a key for every strategic business project and therefore forethought is very important when you deal with a big data. All the steps in collection should be aligned closely with the business goal and should be purposeful.

What should be the strategy then?

So the right way is to start with a strategic business question and then you start collecting the data which is helpful in solving that business problem. Only then it will be possible for the data management companies to visualize their business and perform business with actionable intelligence. Just collecting the big data is not a solution and it may be just collecting the data as much as you can. What you are collecting and whether it is able to solve your business problems is the main question. The data you are collecting should be able to give better analysis results and on the basis of it you will be able to make interpretations and conclusions which will be effective for your business strategies.

Therefore every company working and managing big Data should avoid these common mistakes and try to formulate a strategy and objectives of collecting big data which will not only save their precious time and labor but will also be fruitful for effective business operations.