Understanding The Different Dog Bite Laws Before Filing A Case

Dogs are a man’s best friend. These adorable mutts can win your heart in an instance. Not everyone has friendly experiences with dogs. They can be totally unpredictable. One moment you are patting their heads and the very next instant they can snap at you.

Brushing Up With the Dog Bite Laws in Your State

First and foremost, you need to understand the dog bite laws of your state. Every state has different laws. Basically there are two types of laws pertaining to dog bites.

  • When the dog owner knows that their pet might bite
  • Liability, regardless of whether the owner knew or not about their pet biting habits

You might need to know which law is applicable in your situation. You simply cannot file a report after the dog has bitten you. You first need to do some groundwork. Collect as much as evidence as you can such as the breed of the dog, owner details, where you got bitten, etc.

The next thing is to file a report and hire a lawyer to fight your case. Here again you need to do your research and look for experienced and professionals that can assess your situation and help you get a good settlement.

Distinguishing Between One Bite Law and Strict Liability Laws

Going by the term ‘one bite’, you might think that the dog is allowed one free bite, before a case can be filed against the owner. Well, this rule was applicable in earlier days. Nowadays, there has being a slight modification in this law. The ‘One Bite’ law now states that, if the owner knows that their dog is vicious and has a history of attacking people, then they are liable for their dog’s first bite.

Strict Bite laws, on the other hand, ensure that there is a strict liability for the defendant regardless of what precautions were taken to control the dog and prevent the incident from happening. The owner is liable to pay if:

  • The victim was in a legally allowed property
  • The dog was not provoked by the victim to bite

Responsibility of Owners towards Their Dogs

When a person gets a pet, then there are certain responsibilities that the dog owner needs to have towards their dog. You can simply allow the pet to get away with things. They might not know the difference between right and wrong, but you do know. Many of the dog bite victims generally complain that the dog bit them due to the negligence of their owners.

If you are an owner of a potential dangerous dog, depending on the breed, then you might need to keep it on a leash at all times. If the dog is allowed to wander on its own, then you have no idea what mess it might get you in. Kids are more prone to dog bites as they being innocent, might want to pet it and in the process get bit by them.


Ensure that you train your dog to behave in front of people. If you feel that your dog might get aggressive, then ensure that you do not introduce them to guest at your place.