Top 10 Men’s Bracelets

If you belong to the old school and think that a watch and a wedding ring are the only suitable men’s jewellery, then you might need to think again. Times have changed and men can now actually wear a few pieces of jewellery without looking effeminate. The best piece to begin with is obviously a bracelet. The key to pulling it off is to keep your outfit and your personal style in mind. Choose a metal bracelet of you have a sophisticated style. Pick a rope wristband if yours is a sporty, rugged personality. Not sure what to get? Here we list the top ten bracelets for men making a wave right now.

Rope Braided Bracelet

This is for those men who are just starting to experiment with jewellery. Subtle and simple, a rope, braided bracelet goes with most of your outfits and adds a dash of style to your personality without calling out for attention.

Leather Wristband

Anything leather is worth having and holding on to. And one of the best in men’s bracelet fashion is definitely a leather wristband. These wristbands are available in many different colours and often come with button closure. Needless to say, a leather wristband can effortlessly add glam to any attire.

Metal Clasp Bracelet

Metal bracelets are great for those who are into jewellery and don’t mind showing off. With a secure clasp and a shiny finish, a metal bracelet will complement anything from your weekend wear to a suit.

Guitar String Bracelet

This one’s especially for the guitar buffs. Made of real guitar strings, this bracelet can easily bend to fit any wrist is available in various colours like silver, gold, or rainbow hues. If you’ve never had a guitar, this is the closest you can come to having one.

Ring and Hook Bracelet

Made of braided leather, this man bracelet is completely handcrafted, and comes in three varieties- natural, oxblood, and black. It’s also got a ring and hook closure. If you’re looking for something unique and out of ordinary, this should appeal to you.

Nautical Bracelet

In love with the sea? Then this nautical inspired bracelet will immediately get you hooked. Featuring a Duncan’s Loop, this one in steel is also a great conversation starter.

Cord Bracelet

Rope bracelets have been in style since the 1970s, and this cord bracelet with a fishhook closure for the ones who want to be preppy without being flashy. You’d even see JFK wearing one.

Wrap Bracelet

For those who want to sport a minimalist style, a wrap bracelet could be the thing for you. Made with a combination of waxed nylon and vachetta leather, this has brass closure and will go with whatever attires you wear.

Gemstone Bracelet

Move over designer bracelets, for this simple beaded accessory outshines all others. This gemstone bracelet is available in a wide variety of colours to match every outfit. It’s simplicity at its best.

Aztec Design Knit Fabric Bracelet

Looking for something different? Go for this fun Aztec print bracelet in a knit fabric. It’s got a funky colour palette to jazz up even the most mundane outfits.