Some Of The Features Necessary For A Modern Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is something that every cook definitely desires and finds enjoyable. Gourmet kitchen is especially designed considering all the basic tools, appliances and the material and proper organization of all the things. Gourmet cook puts their earnest effort and the finest ingredients in preparing food. Let us see some of the basic needed features for a gourmet kitchen remodeling.

Some Of The Features Necessary For A Modern Gourmet Kitchen


The accurate and consistent temperature is very much important to a successful gourmet cook. The ranges of gas are considered to be superior to that of the electric, in terms of control.  Most of the bakers would prefer having an electric oven, while some will install a countertop oven and also stacking convection ovens in different kitchen areas.

Range hood will be able to handle very high output burners. Griddles or range-top grills are one of the best choice for capturing excess moisture, aerosolized grease and smoke. Placing a refrigerator is must and many other appliances include trash compactors, dishwashers and wine refrigerator. You should click here for further information and gourmet kitchen remodeling


Storage is another important feature in a gourmet kitchen. It should have plenty of storage, well- organized and easily reachable options, so that everything is available within the reach of the cook easily while preparing the food, rather than reaching out away for a few steps.

Cabinetry is also an important part of the kitchen and is usually major on posh and practical for a gourmet kitchen. Right choice of cabinet is the key in order to make a smaller gourmet kitchen work wonders. Your priority should be to the professional-grade stove and work around it.


Gourmet kitchen is usually designed for both light to heavy uses and the materials must be chosen such that it can withstand it. Few materials will withstand the slicing, spilling, dicing and also staining of the habit of the gourmet cook. Some of the options are given below-

  • The choice of countertops material for gourmet restaurants is mostly stainless steel. Some will opt for stained concrete and natural stone as they are durable.
  • You can also use recycled glass, since they are best environment-friendly option available.
  • Marble surface can also be added for rolling the pastries out.


Kitchen sink plays a great role in gourmet cooking. Any material quality is acceptable provided it must be heavy enough so that it doesn’t dent or chip. Size of the sink is also important. Deep sink may easily receive large pots, and the under-mount sink will enable to sweep tidbits of the food from counter straight in the sink, where the garbage for disposal is waiting.


Proper lighting is necessary in your gourmet kitchen. It enables the gourmet chef to do his work safely and in less time. Countertops and some other work areas require a large amount of light, like four times to the normal light amount in the eating or dining room.


The surface of the backsplash must be washable. It also serves as an important design area for a gourmet kitchen. The choice of material can be stainless steel, stone, ceramic or glass, decorative tin, or can be a painted wall. It must be compatible with the cabinetry, countertops and also the floor.