Rare Earth Magnet – Types and Its Application

Rare Earth Magnet - Types and Its Application

Magnets are used in construction and various other industries. In addition, they are applied in electronic devices like speakers, TV, computers, fax machines, elevators and more. It is not surprising to find magnets in countless shapes and sizes. You can view the different images on www.usneodymiummagnets.com

Shape and size are very important

Rare earth magnets shape and size are important because –

  • Shape determines the direction of magnetic field, which allows attraction and repulsion of metal objects
  • The magnetic field in turn will determine the strength or force
  • Strength will determine its uses
  • Shape even manipulates the number of poles. For example, sextuppole has 3 north and 3 south poles, whereas quadrupole has 2 north and 2 south poles.

Different kinds of rare magnet shapes and its application

Bar magnets

Bar magnet’s strength resides more at the poles than the sides.  Generally, poles in bar magnets have smallest area, so they are regarded as having weakest shape. These are common shapes used today in compasses, refrigerators and in class demonstrations.

Horseshoe magnets

Bar magnets are bent in U-shape. This U-shape doubles the strength of magnetic field pointing poles in same direction. Small horseshoe magnets are used to collect scattered paper clips while gigantic horseshoe magnets are applied in engineering and construction sector for lifting large heavy metal pieces. The pendulum bottom includes horseshoe magnet.

Disc magnet 

Increasing area poles allows increasing magnetic force. Disc magnets have flat wide surface with large pole area, so they are very effective. Uses depend on the disc size and shape. Disc magnets are employed daily in home décor, fashion accessories and clothing fashion. Sewing disc magnet helps to hold the fabric together, whereas industrial sized disc magnet is used commonly in junkyards to pick cars.

Sphere magnets

Sphere shapes are used to create necklace, bracelets, and toys. They are totally smooth and globe like in appearance.

Ring magnets

Ring magnets have a hollow in the middle, which makes them versatile. They easily slide on rods or tubes. In science experiments magnetic rings threaded through wooden poles to demonstrate magnetic repulsion and attraction properties. Ring magnets are occasionally applied in medical sector.

It helps to neutralize the malfunctioning of ICD, which can be fatal. Generally, ICD corrects patient’s heart rhythm. When ICD malfunctions, applying more shocks than necessary can be dangerous, so ring magnet is placed on the patient’s chest to counteract.

Coiled magnets

Magnets with coil of wire are known as electromagnet. They are very strong magnets but can only turn its magnetic field when electric current flows through wire into the magnet. The strength and polarization of magnetic field generated by electromagnet is adjustable. It is based on the current that flows through the wire. Automatic windows & doors, DVD players, hard drives and more make use of electromagnets.

The significance of magnet shape will depend on its aimed use. For household use, shape is not vital. Basically, these are light weight. However, for application in industries and construction shape is important because these are used in special tasks that need great accuracy and strength.