Mobile Money Makes The World A Smaller Place

Mobile is changing every aspect of human life, from how we communicate, how we shop, how we date, how we work and how we travel. Mobile applications and technology that deal with commerce are shrinking the world, uniting far-flung people with merchants they wouldn’t have otherwise encountered and enabling both consumers and companies to spend their dollars more wisely and conveniently.

Businessman Using Online Banking Service On Cellphone

The Changing Face of Money

Perhaps more than any other aspect of life, mobile technology has changed the way we use, spend and exchange money. Services like enable users to send money securely, quickly and discreetly to friends, family or businesses. Instead of mailing checks, waiting for funds to clear or exchanging physical money, mobile money services are making the P2P transfer of funds quick, direct and, in many cases, free. Some of these services also streamline access to money by doubling as credit cards or by offering ATM access.

Shopping in a Shrinking World

Mobile has altered the way people buy and sell more than anything since the arrival of online shopping. From mobile store finders to mobile coupons to campaigns that target in-store shoppers with mobile content, tablets and smartphones are now totally integrated into the shopping experience. More and more consumers are making mobile payments or using digital wallets, and more and more businesses are developing apps and other platforms that encourage mobile shopping.

Searching and Surfing

In 2014, it was widely reported that “the biggest shift since the Internet began” had taken place. That shift was that, for the first time in history, more people used mobile devices to access the Internet than PCs. This included researching products, communicating with friends, families or business contacts, accessing and consuming content, playing games, checking email, or downloading and using apps.

Mobile Chat: Can You See Me Now?

One major way that mobile is shrinking the world and uniting far-flung people in remote places is through the increasing use of video chat. Businesses are realizing the power of video chat and are incorporating the technology into their sales and marketing strategies. Companies use video chat to resolve customer service disputes, to answer product questions and to help buyers through their purchasing journeys.

Just like these 24 Tools To Simplify Your Life, mobile apps offer an amazing amount of convenience. It’s no wonder why mobile adoption rates continue to soar.

From video chat to fund transfers, from online shopping to online search, mobile is creeping into every aspect of the modern human experience. As mobile streamlines the way we spend, save and share money, smartphones and tablets become more and more important – all while bringing people together in a shrinking world.