Factors You Should Consider Before You Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioner may last for several years, if it is of good quality and is maintained with utmost care. Replacing an air conditioner is a very straightforward process and is done when the functional lifetime of AC system is reaching its end, or when you just wanted to upgrade the HVAC system, so that it provides greater comfort and more energy efficiency.

Factors You Should Consider Before You Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Are you planning to replace your air conditioner system? Well, here are some of the factors you should be considering before you install or replace your new system. Contact air conditioning repair service providers for any help and support.


Before you purchase or replace your air conditioning system, it is important that you consider the size of the conditioner, volume of available space and also the number of people in your home. Important factors like the ability of effectively cooling the home and also the energy amount required to produce the cooled air are determined by the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

  • An oversized AC will consume higher energy than is necessary, and often produces poor cooling result and humidity control.
  • If you are thinking of saving money by buying a smaller AC , then it will affect the cooling capacity and the energy usage, as undersized AC have to work harder and longer in order to give the results you desired.

If you are confused about the air conditioner size your home needs, then consult your HVAC contractor about your home’s unique characteristics and the cooling capacity of your new AC.

Energy Efficiency

Energy is consumed by the air conditioner, removes heat from air and provides comfort to your home. An efficient air conditioner are better in the process of turning the energy consumed to cooled air and thereby, reducing the need of energy and also cost for cooling. All the AC units will have their rated SEER value, which means that higher the SEER number of the unit, higher will be its efficiency on account of energy consumption.

The air conditioner cost is also dependent on the unit’s SEER value. Needless of the cost, if its unit has higher efficiency, in the long run, then it is more energy and cost efficient with higher functional lifetime, than that of the unit with the less SEER value. It is recommended that you purchase an air conditioner having high SEER value at your pocket friendly price.

Multi-Room vs. Single Room

For those rooms where HVAC ductwork is not equipped, you may use portable or window air conditioner to get indoor comfort. You can install ductless mini- split AC systems for cooling of the multi-room  by using a small hole, typically of about 3 inch diameters in outside of your house.

The use of a single outdoor condenser will be able to provide cooling of many indoor units, which gives an advantage of cooling multi-room without requiring the need for ductwork installation throughout the house. Moreover, the use of mini- split system enables one to control the cooling temperature of each room separately or individually, and provide greater comfort and of course, it is energy efficient.