7 Apps Every Risk Manager Should Install Now

Many companies use risk managers to help control risks that can impede progress and threaten the reputation of the business. If you are working as a risk manager, you know that the job requires strong organizational and communication skills. These apps can help you do your job better and stay on top of deadlines and the needs of the company.


Risk Report

Available on both iPhone and iPad, Risk Report helps risk managers to keep track of potential risks in an organization. You can use the app to write up and record any events that occur, then email them to supervisors so all team members are on the same page. The app also has space for notes, where you can include action plans and measures to control risk during the specific event as well as in the future. The cost is $2.99.

Breach Report

When a breach occurs within an organization, risk managers are always working overtime to manage and mitigate any future issues. Breach Report keeps track of these breaches, whether from a security, procedural, or compliance standpoint, and notes the frequency and impact of the breach. It also tracks dates of events, identification details, incurred losses (if any), and the length of the breach. You can then send emails from the app to keep other staff members aware of the issues. The cost of this app is $2.99.

SG Risk Log

This is a simple app available on iOS that allows you to break down a risk in seconds so you can perform an assessment. SG Risk Log is especially useful for risk managers who spend time away from the office, since you can access it remotely. With a T-Mobile Smartphone, like the iPhone 6 Plus, it is easy to pull up the app and input information from the field for immediate risk analysis.

Risk Calculator Chart Tool

For a lower price than many other risk management apps, the Risk Calculator Chart Tool comes with plenty of features, but a small $0.99 price tag. You input data and the app will chart and calculate the risk. You can also categorize by name, likelihood, or severity for easier access later on, and it has a feature that plots potential exposures on a colorful spectrum. This tool is helpful for presentations and immediate visual understanding of a potential risk.

Zurich Risk Room

Available for the iPad, Zurich Risk Room offers a global look at risk analysis. It uses data that is publicly available throughout regional areas to determine vulnerabilities. These include the risk of energy price changes, water shortages, political unrest, and more than 60 others. The app then creates charts and three-dimensional bar graphs that lay out the data in a format that is easy to understand. The app is also free, which your company’s accounting department will appreciate.

Strategy and Risk Studio

One of the relatively more expensive app options in the risk management world, the Strategy and Risk Studio is also one of the most comprehensive. Priced at $25.99, it has a lot of tools built-in for easier management of risk. These tools include mapping and monitoring, step-by-step assistance in creating and sharing information with team members, and tips for best practices to minimize and prevent risk in future events.

Citicus MOCA

If you are looking for an app that helps identify the effects of an event, Citicus MOCA is the one for you. It is free and available in the iTunes store, and it will show a list of potential effects that a disruption can have on a business. It also has the capability to create a graph that includes maximum loss value based on asset worth, which you can upload into a PDF for easy sharing.

Risk management is an important department in every company, and these apps help risk managers to keep better track of events, minimizing downtime and loss for the organization. With so many choices available on iOS, it is easy for risk managers to stay connected even while visiting other locations or spending time away from the office.