5 Ways To Secure Your Home While You Travel

There are a hundred things to worry about while you’re away from your home, but this is supposed to be your time away.  Traveling and exploring new, exciting places in the world should be the only thing you’re focused upon when you are traveling (at least if it’s for pleasure, that is).  You shouldn’t have to live in constant worry that something may go awry in your home while you and your family are away.  If you’re interested in learning some ways you can avoid this unnecessary worry, then you’re in the right place.  Here is a quick summary of five helpful tips to put your mind at ease about the safety of your home as you travel.  


Turn off all of your devices

Safety first.  Make sure all of your kitchen appliances are unplugged and turned off.  Set your thermostat to a position where it won’t kick on unless it’s absolutely necessary (like if you have animals).  Making sure everything is unplugged does more than just save you money on your power bill while you’re away.  It also greatly reduces any risk of accidental fire while the home is vacant.  

Get your friends involved

If you have life long, trustworthy friends, or even a close family member nearby, have them check on your home once or twice while you are away.  This way, the home still has activity, and any potential thieves will shy away.  If you have any furry friends, your human friends can help out with that issue as well.  Just make sure they’re someone you would trust alone in your home.  

Don’t tip off people to your absence

Don’t be silly, and post proof of your absence all over the many social media networks.  That’s not very smart.  This is an opened shiny sign that says, “No one is home! Come rob me!”  Keep the posts and pictures to yourself until you return from your journey.  

Communicate with the postman

Communicate with your neighborhood mail delivery person.  Let them know that you will be going out of town, and get them to hold your mail until you return.  Your mail and newspapers stacking up in front of your home are a telltale sign that no one is home too.  It’s a simple step to take to keep your belongings safe in your absence.  

Give the impression that someone is home

Obviously, your main goal is to make sure that everyone around your home is oblivious to the fact that you are not there.  You don’t want to leave everything in the home on, but leave at least one or two lights on.  That way, during the night, it will look like someone is still awake.