5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm In The Winter

What comes to mind when you think of winter? For many people, winter days equate to cozy cups of cocoa by the fire in a warm home. One thing that can certainly turn your winter into a “bone-chilling” experience is a lack of proper heat in the home. While keeping the house heated can turn into an expensive endeavor in some states, there are things you can do to save a few pennies. Aside from proper maintenance and well-running furnaces, here are a few tips for keeping your home extra warm this winter!


Thick Curtains

A simple fix to keep the house warm is to simply purchase thick curtains. These curtains are great at keeping the cold out and the heat in. Many houseware stores will sell these items for a fair price and they should be specially rated for insulation. If you don’t have the funds available to go purchase new curtains, it is very simple to construct a window covering from fleece or even a shower curtain.

Bask in the Sunshine

Natural light is incredibly beneficial to humans in numerous ways. Sunlight allows your house to warm naturally and can help boost morale in the midst of winter doldrums. Open all of your curtains and blinds during the day and, literally, let the light shine. After dark, seal your windows up to keep the heat in.

Double Glazing

Everyone knows that double glazed windows are far more resilient to temperature changes and better at insulating your house. However, the process of double glazing can be exceedingly costly. Consider creating your own “false” double glaze by tacking a plastic film over the window. Seal the edges and apply heat to the plastic in the form of a hair dryer. This will allow the seal to become airtight and can insulate the home for the cold months.

Stop the Drafts

Feeling a cool breeze while sitting on your couch is not nearly as refreshing in December as it is in July. Drafts can suck the warm air right out of your house and give you a constantly “chilled” feeling. A great way to stop drafts can be to block air that comes under doors with a towel. Also be sure your mail slot and pet doors are not letting unnecessary cold air in.

Close Unused Rooms

Shutting the doors of rooms that are unused can allow you to keep cold air from circulating within the house. This will help keep your usable spaces much warmer and cozier. If there are no doors between rooms, consider hanging blankets or sheets. It may not be the fanciest remedy, but it could help contain wild geese in your kitchen if you find yourself attacked.