What You Should Know About Valencia Attractions

Valencia is located in the Valencia province, and furthermore it is one of the 3rd largest cities of Spain. It was founded back in 137 BC. On the other hand, today it is renowned by its trapezoidal architecture, tapas bars and round rice.

Valencia in Future

The first impression of Valencia is that it is a great city with a great future because it has an outstanding architecture. It is a Center of Arts and Sciences, hidden in the earlier riverbed Turia, which is more than a science fiction monument. Moreover, the multifunctional complex architecture of the Palau de les Arts truly depicts the silhouette of the fish.

This wonderful building is going to take your breath away. In addition, it includes the Europe’s biggest aquarium. The Valencia Aquarium is an amazing choice if you are on a family holiday. It also offers incredible underwater tubs, so that you can have a great experience of the sea life. Nevertheless, it has the shape of a huge jellyfish.

Near and Distant past

The Valencia’s large square Ajuntamijento is the place, where the past and the future meet. It has been decorated in the establishment of Futurism, and the central station, whose basic motives are made in Valencia’s stone exploring and discovering the richness of the soil. In addition, there is an incredible rococo façade of the National Museum of Ceramics, whose series make shadow over nearby pastry shop windows that are decorated with marble. It should b e stated that the architects has an amazing inspiration. However, there are breathtaking signs of the past which constantly grab attention.

The General Culture of Valencia

Valencia is a city that is more than just a cultural park. It is a rich and varied culture which includes museum of science, aquarium, planetarium and opera. On the other hand, Valencia is a city where you can find first-order institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, the National Ceramics Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, whose restaurant, La Sucursal which offers a contemporary variation of the legendary Spanish pie pumpkin (arnadi).

Amazing Dining Options

Restaurants in Valencia like El Alto de Colón, Submarine or La Sucursal have been able to attract fans of paella with rabbit and make them discover the secrets of their avant-garde cuisine. Many renowned people from the city make reservations for all these leading restaurants.

There are numerous things to do in Valencia, just make sure you check them prior to your visit, so that you can make the most of your holiday.