The First Year Of College: The Fear

Many college goers would not frankly admit it, but most of them were in one way or the other afraid of attending college for the first time. If you were lucky enough to have a smooth first year in college, then consider that as a blessing. We think that there are certain misconceptions as well as some precautions that students must be aware of before starting college, so that their years go smooth and successful. Making friends and adjusting to the college environment top the list of fears that students usually encounter in the beginning of their academic year. Read on to know about these fears in detail.

Roommates: The good and the bad

Students who have to stay in the dorms of their college are usually anxious about the person they’d be sharing their room with. If you happen to strike a chord with the one who shares the room with you, you will have a friend for life. But if the opposite happens, then may the Lord be with you! Wait! We are not trying to scare you further, but this is how it is. People are most of the times not comfortable sharing their personal space with a stranger, but sharing the space with someone who makes them feel comfortable is okay with all.

The First Year Of College: The Fear

The fear of ridicule

When a student has to start his college life, the biggest fear also comes in the shape of not fitting in. Make sure you gather enough information about the campus and physically tour the campus as well. Ignorance is a bliss as long as it has nothing to do with your academic life. Make sure you also break the ice first when it comes to talking with your classmates and even the seniors. Think of nice things to say to them in order to impress them with your personality and knowledge. If you gel in with your classmates, as well as your seniors, then there would not be any other force stopping you from having the best time of your life.

Handling peer pressure

It has been commonly observed that students usually in their first year of college give in to peer pressure and indulge in activities that are disastrous to their career plans and motivations. If you are feeling pressurized in any way, make sure to consult the councilors or even call your parents to discuss the issues being faced by you. Trust us, these people will be the best guide ever when it comes to devising strategies to handle peer pressure or any other stress lurking in your mind.

Financial aids

Last but not the least, most of the students try their best to get the best of scores in order to bag that scholarship they badly need to have a loan free semester. However, only the best of students are granted scholarships. If you were to take the student loan, make sure to keep your expenses to the minimum so that not just the first, but all the years of your college life will be stress free.

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