The Aireloom Mattress and Its Development History

Airelooms matters are hand crafted to create the most reliable and luxurious beds on the market. Their patented construction reacts to sleeper and provides pressure relief. This is designed in such a way that it is more comfortable and hygienic than other low quality or average airelooms. The airelooms mattresses is designed in such a way that it provides comfort as the individual’s unique body shape which provides support and balance along with the highest level of pressure relief. The aireloom mattress is made up of natural fibers which may include an outer shell of damask and the viscoelastic foam on its inner portions. Some models which also contains some models feature wool, cotton, latex and the foam in the matters construction. The designs of these mattresses are to provide for body support comfort and durability for the longer lasting life. These mattresses are available in variety of sizes and with varied materials which may mid to full luxury grades. Certain models of the king units are constructed in a 7 X 7 ft layouts hence they can be turned into all four directions which will help to preserve the life of the mattress longer. These are larger sixed airelooms that are preferred by the customers who are in need of roomy sleeping accommodations.

The history of aireloom mattress:

Among the high quality mattresses the aireloom has a very long history. It was first created in 1940s by the late king karpen a third generation mattress manufacturer and it was owned by many impressive persons. After the death of karpen in 1990, the aireloom was discontinued until 2004 and then the quality design was bought again by Earl Kulft the stress of the times enough to warrant people needing an escape into a luxurious night sleep. At the top is the royal aireloom which is well known as a bed and which provides excellent sleep quality. The main feature of this airelooms is its unique design. Its design which incorporating patented pocket coil with a fine quality wool pillow top and it is commonly known as the Rolls-Royce of inner spring mattresses. Completing the Joma wool and the pocket coil design, an aireloom foam encased mattress is marginally comparable to a beauty rest, but it also offers more luxuriant night sleep. Every aireloom hand-crafted mattresses which always employs a hand-tied design which uses offset springs. This will allow for both greater support to the shoulder and hips and a long lasting conformity to the shape of one’s body. It was remained as favorite for decades in Hollywood. The aireloom mattress has been a favorite of many stars. During their residence at the white house, Ronald and Nancy Reagan introduced the Aireloom mattress as the sleep surface of the choice, which gave the product even greater esteem among the customers. In today’s market the mattress are available in many bedding outlets which feature high-end sleep product and it is always featured in quality mattress reviews. It is undisputedly costly for the average consumers.