Gondolas Of Venice – Its History, Facts and Tips About The Ride

Gondola rides in Venice is in the must do list of most people. Gliding through slowly in the serene water, getting serenaded by the song of the gondolier, and soaking in the stunning backdrop of the Baroque buildings is one the most romantic ways to send tour honeymoon. This is a must have experience that will last with you for a lifetime.

History of Gongolas: It is always more intriguing and interesting to visit a place when you know its history. Gondolas also have a very long history. Their origin dates back to the year 700 but its first known reference can be found in the year 1994. These shallow water vessels were the only mode of transport in the shallow and muddy flats of the Venetian lagoons. The size and shape was different in those days than the remarkably similar gondolas of today’s Venice.

Gondolas of Venice - Its History, Facts and Tips about the Ride

These days all gondolas are identical in size and weight. Each gondola weighs 700kgs and uses 8 different types of wood. The oars are made from beech and walnut wood and can make 8 distinct manoeuvres. Each gondola measures exactly the same – 10.87 m long, 1.42 m wide, and one of its sides is about 24cm longer than the other. This is done to balance the gondola by compensating the weight of the gondolier that is standing on one side.

A Gondola Ride: A Venice Gondola Ride is a must to complete your Venice trip. This is the best way to experience and enjoy the romance, culture and beauty of Venice in a soothing way. The gondolier serenading you with his lovely song is also one of the highlights of the ride.

Although the waterways of Venice are filled with modern transport, but there is still space for the iconic Gondolas. Over 400 gondolas ferry the tourists on the Venice canals.

As these rides are so popular amongst the tourists, who visit Venice from all over the world, the gondoliers see this as an opportunity to dupe the tourists. Although the official rate has been fixed, but rarely do the gondoliers stick to it.

Some Things You May Like To Know About Gondola Rides: Here are certain points that you must know about the rates to make your gondola ride more enjoyable:

  • The rides are of 35 minute duration.
  • For every 20 additional minutes, you will be required to pay extra.
  • If you are looking for a ride after 7 pm, the rates may differ.
  • A gondola can be shared by up to 6 people.
  • Children below 2 years of age get free rides.
  • The gondolier may ask extra for special services like singing.
  • Prices quoted will be higher than the official rate and negotiation is expected.
  • It is best to negotiate the rate and duration before beginning the ride to know how much you will be paying at the end of the ride.

If you are not very keen to negotiate the price on the spot and will also not like to wait for the ride then you could ask your hotel concierge to book a ride for you. They might add a hefty commission in the rate. The other more reasonable way would be to book a ride in advance from an online site.

The best way to book your gondola ride is to go online and book it through Musement Venice. You can be assured of getting instant booking at the best rates and have the most memorable experience.