Fixing Tips For Busted Pipes

Maintaining a house and its belongings is a cumbersome procedure for ordinary persons. Dealing with the burst water pipes is all the more problematic in many cases. One has to take necessary steps including seeking assistance from prominent companies like burst pipe Bracknell that provide unmatched services to the needy persons.


Following helpful tips go a long way in repairing the broken pipes in easy manners:

a. Discontinue the water supply – Suspecting a break in the water pipe requires stopping the supply of water. The main valve may be turned off as it is the connecting point for all the water taps from where we get water. This is the first and foremost step that needs to be taken on instant basis. Draining the pipes and flushing all toilets is also necessary. Supply of hot water to the heater is also necessitated. Each and every faucet needs to be drained off. Once the main water switch is off, you’ll need to drain the pipes. To do this, run the cold water on all the faucets. Be sure to flush each toilet at least once. Shut off the hot water heater. Once the hot water system is off, go back to each faucet and run the hot water to for draining purpose. When there is no more running tap water, the leak will stop.

b. Locating and inspection – Once the excess water has been drained, it is necessary to locate the bursting point. A close examination of the damage is necessary before going ahead with necessary repairs. Care should be exercised to inspect the damage points in even manners. Large sized pipes and bathroom sink pipes should also be checked before initiating any repairs. Smaller breaks may necessitate patch work that suffices to do any more repairs. It is cost effective. Commercial tapes and chemical bonding agents may also be sufficient. But care should be taken to avoid any future bursts of the water pipes. Hence good patch work with branded material is a must.

c. Repairs – Fixing busting problems with the non-main water pipes may not be so difficult. Measure the crack or fissure and make use of a garden hose of an extra size than the broken pipe and fill the broken area with the same. Slice the garden hose by slipping it over the crack or the busting point of the water pipe. Make use of brackets or hose clamps for holding the hose portion over the cracked area of the pipe and tighten it. The repaired portion may be checked by turning on the water. Hacksaw may be used for cutting the cracked portion of the pipe. Use sealant and spacers and avoid making it too tight.

d. Take assistance from professionals – Water from the burst pipe may result in dampening the floor, ceilings and walls etc. Seek necessary help from experts that help by way of water restoration. They may suggest using fans and opening windows for drying the affected areas. Assistance from prominent companies like Burst Pipe Bracknell is much useful for repairing the cracked pipes.

Caution – Switching off the electric supply to the affected areas is a must as it may cause electric shocks.