Different Design Options For Tiling Your Kitchen Backsplash

A new backsplash is a great way of updating your kitchen without having to incur a lot of money making structural changes.

Every kitchen needs an update every few years. It keeps things interesting, brings a friendlier atmosphere into your cooking area and ultimately makes you want to spend more time cooking and eating with your family in the kitchen. With a new tiled backsplash, you can add color, texture, create the illusion of more space and bring in more light into the kitchen. There are many varieties of tiles to choose from, and any one of them will give your kitchen a very different and new look. Tiles also give you the option of choosing how much of your kitchen should be updated with the new design. You could choose to just update the area above the sink or cooking area, over the length of the whole countertop or floor to ceiling in some parts of your kitchen. Whatever look you choose, below are some ideas that will help you to execute your ideas.


The first easy to install design is a backsplash of large tiles. If you are doing a DIY job, this is the best design as it does not take too much work. If you have used a material like calacatta gold marble on your countertops, make sure you choose tiles that will complement the countertops. Small tiles are also great for creating a mosaic design on your backsplash. You can personalize the small tiles by mixing different colors to achieve a look that’s suited to your tastes or you can choose to go with one color. Solid color mosaics will make your kitchen look bold and striking while pale colors will give it a classy feel. If you are going to do the tiling yourself, make sure you choose DIY adhesive tiles as other types of small tiles are difficult to work with if you are not a professional.

Thirdly, you can take simple tiles and set them in a herringbone design to give your kitchen a truly astonishing look. When you lay tiles in a herringbone, you arrange them diagonally as opposed to the normal horizontal arrangement. This will give your kitchen an edgy look and add character to your kitchen especially if the walls are painted in neutral colors. Fourth, you can go with a painted look. If you don’t want to go through pulling out old tiles and installing new ones, a can of paint will do the trick. Painting over tiles is not an easy job, so you should probably let professional painters handle it. Lastly, if you don’t want to go with the traditional grid arrangement, you can create murals in different areas of your kitchen. Murals serve as highlights and stand out from the rest of the backsplash and your White Carrara marble kitchen counters, especially if the mural is of contrasting colors or textures. Try any of these designs and you will have a new and updated kitchen to be proud of.