Bring A Unique Flavour To Your Exterior Spaces

When you decorate your home you look into every detail that goes into it. The colour of the walls, the carpets, the furniture in each and every room, the fittings eventheutilities, essentially everything is looked into carefully. The same attention should be given to your garden. A garden or outdoor area, like your home, is the planned space that is landscaped to suit your taste or reflects your individual personality.

You take immense care in choosing the foliage, flowers or even the vegetables and fruits that you will grow in it. And most often than not, a garden is a space in which you escape to relax and relieve yourself of the daily stresses or to host functions for family and friends. Such an important location of your home deserves the same aesthetic eye that you would use to decorate the interior of your home. It might not always have to be an expanse of greenery it could also be a tiny balcony space that needs to be livened up. And the easiest way to accomplish this is to choose outdoor furniture that suits your needs and tastes.


The start to creating your outer space

The task at hand might seem daunting but a few simple questions answered could make your decisions that much easier. First ask yourself “what is the purpose of this furniture?”Is it so that you and your friends and family can lounge around in the summer sun relaxing or is it a place where you will entertain your friends with outdoor cookouts or is it a combination of both? The next is “how much space do I have?” Answering this will be the deciding factor whether you get an outdoor lounge set or a single chair or some outdoor beanbags. The last question and the most obvious one is, “what is my budget?” This will trump your other answers in your decision making process as it will be the deciding factor on how many pieces you purchase, as prices can range from a minimal of $35/- for an outdoor beanbag lounger to over

$1500/-for a five piece patio wicker sofa and couch set.


Facts to consider

In addition to those questions there are a few other nuggets of knowledge you will require before making that all important purchase. One factor is to consider when choosing furniture for outdoor areas is that it is long-lasting; this is a given to all furniture that is kept outside as they are at the mercy of the elements at all times. Therefore all garden or patio furniture needs to have the ability to withstand the effects of the elements. And ideally all garden furniture should be light weight to some extent in order to move them around freely in the event the need arises. The second factor that requires looking into is comfort. This is of vital importance as uncomfortable furniture will have both you and your guests squirming in their seats; it makes no sense to purchase furniture that looks good but cannot be utilized. If both durability and comfort have met with your seal of approval, then the third factor to consider is the aesthetic beauty of the piece. Ideally when choosing a furniture design you should take into account the design of your home, so that the same treatment transcends outside. Whether your interiors have a classic or a contemporary look, your furniture can keep that seamless continuity, outside.

However if you are feeling that your garden needs to give out a completely different vibe to that of your home then you have the opportunity to do so, by going against the grain and being bold with your colourcombinations or elegant with your designs or modern with your shapes. If you are unaware of the current trends, you can simply ask a trusted friend or just flip through magazines such as Home & Design or Outdoor Design magazine to get a clear picture of what furniture items you would want for your garden or balcony.

Armed with this knowledge, the money and maybe a friend who is in the know about furniture, you are ready to shop. On the other hand if you feel like shopping from the convenience of your home there is always shopping, online. Regardless, at the end of the day the one thing to remember is you are livening up yourexterior spaces with a flavourthat reflects your unique personality.