6 Amazing Mehndi Styles That Are In Craze!

Mehndi is a beautiful art that has historically embellished the delicate hands of south Asian women. While in early centuries, this art was confined to South Asian countries, however, latest fashion trends show the rising popularity of this traditional art, which has transformed it into a modern fashion. Today, Mehndi is not just about shaadis and ghar ke fiunctions. It is about fashion we all want to relish and take pride in.

With a wide range of mehndi designs, we bring to you some of those that can go along with festive occasions pretty well.

  1. Simple and sober

This particular Mehndi art is especially popular in Eid and other religious occasions. It is patently a very simple, uncomplicated design that is sprinkled with bits of traditional flavors.

  1. The Whole Hand Mehndi

It is a brilliant design for heavy, glittery functions and it will particularly suit a dulhan’s hand. The art is characterized by intricate patterns and soft curls that represent the true essence of this mehndi.

cfab413ca7.jpg (556×338)

  1. A Bombay Style mehndi

Bombay style mehndi are becoming increasingly popular, particularly because of their intricate, fine textures that fill throughout the length and breadth of the hands and till your elbows.

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  1. Zardosi style artwork

Jaali artwork is traditional but still popular in the mehndi industry. This zardosi style of jaali work will provide a rich, ornamental appearance to your hands and legs. However, this tedious art needs to be applied patiently.

15ede41433.jpg (474×388)

  1. The Floral design

This design has Arabic origins and the elegance in the art is the proof. Characterized with floral designs and meandering patterns, this mehndi art is probably one of the most designs of the lot.

Source : http://babakathullu.com/

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  1. More flowers

This design is a favorite to those who look forward to neat, spacious designs that do not fill up every inch of the hand but spread elegantly throughout. This design is purely a floral design running throughout the arms.

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