5 Best Remodels For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to resell your home? Or do you simply want to make a more liveable space while retaining and increasing your home’s value? Remodeling and renovations can be a huge undertaking for any homeowner and you may find yourself wondering which room would be the best option to fix. Included here are a few of the best remodels you can do in your home that will increase your home’s resale value.



It is no surprise that homebuyers take a huge interest in the kitchen when looking at a home. The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home and is a place where friends get together when talking or eating. Homeowners who invest in a kitchen remodel can likely see more than a 100% return on investment.

Kitchen remodels can involve knocking down barrier walls to offer open bars to the dining area or adding a beautiful and functional kitchen island. Consider updating your appliances and integrating new windows and storage plans. The kitchen should be a bright, cheery room of the house that allows conversation and food preparation.


Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is another place homebuyers are going to look for value. If your bathrooms are finished and well maintained, it will give you a huge increase in home value. Make sure all of your plumbing is functioning well and consider adding special benefits like a spa tub or luxury shower.


Don’t underestimate what is under your feet! Dingy, faded carpet is never going to make a good first impression, especially when homebuyers are longing for shining wood floors. Wood, bamboo and laminate flooring has become surprisingly affordable and can be an achievable remodel for under $1,000.


One of the biggest bonuses for homebuyers is finding a working fireplace or woodstove in a home. Fire brings warmth and ambiance in winter months and can bring the family together while boosting moods. Installing a fireplace can seem like a large undertaking, but with the proper contractor and clear plan it can offer you benefits for years before selling your home.

Open Floor Plan

In recent years, homebuyers have become enamored with the open floor plan. This means creating more open space in your home, letting light in and having a room plan that flows. In order to achieve this in your home you may want to consider knocking down a few walls, increasing the height of your ceilings or getting rid of a bulky kitchen island. Look around your home to discern which areas feel closed off and whether it is possible to remedy the situation.