When To Know It Is Time To Have A HVAC Upgrade

A good air conditioning system is a big investment and whenever there is need for an upgrade, you want to make sure that it is the only thing that can be done to put it in working order. However, most people don’t know when time is ripe for repair or maintenance. Your only safety therefore is to work with a HVAC system maintenance company. You want to get correct advice on whether your system needs repair or you need a replacement. Some of the things to consider include the following:


Repairs are costly: This may look obvious but many people miss it out often. Take time to consider how much money you are spending on repair at the beginning of every season in addition to those semi-annual maintenance checks such as the consistent change of filters and other parts; perhaps it is time to go for a new model that will be more reliable.

The age of the unit: While age might just be a number, this may not necessarily apply when you are dealing with an air conditioning system in your house. The rule of the thumb with AC units appears to be 1o years give or take; you also want to get a newer system because the modern ones are extremely energy efficient. While replacing the old AC unit will cost you money, eventually you will recoup your investment through the payment of efficiency and reduced energy bills.

Temperature irregularities: You should check whether you have rooms that are more comfortable than others; if you have checked the ductworks and they seem to be in good shape; that is a clear announcement that your AC system could have seen better days. If you realize that there is need for a system upgrade, your next course of action is to ask yourself whether you know the best way to select an air conditioning system that is right for your home.

The more efficient the better: NO matter what brand name you want to purchase for your air conditioning system upgrade, you need to check the SEER number so that you can compare and contrast with other brands. You want to get the best system within your range when it comes to energy efficiency.

The quieter the better: Today, you don’t have to burden yourself with those archaic air conditioner systems that were large and noisy beasts; with technological advances systems are now smaller, more efficient and quieter. This is extremely important especially if you are likely to have the system somewhere beneath the room and you know that you will be spending plenty of time in your living room or bedroom.

Size matters: Last but not least, you should ask your air conditioning installation expert t advice you on the correct for your house. When it comes to air conditioning bigger may not necessarily be better.