Tips When Applying For Jobs

Applying for a job isn’t an easy task, and if you don’t have a lot of experience in the working world, you might struggle to get a position somewhere suitable for you. However, regardless of the type of person you are, there are many things that you can do in order to enhance your chances of getting a job. Some of them will have to be done in advance, such as getting some more experience or taking a first aid training Sydney course, while others are little things that you can do while applying or when you go for an interview with your potential future employer.


  1. Be honest

Of course you have to be somebody who a company would want to employ, but you’d be surprised just how much employers value your honesty these days. Don’t lie about something or say something if it isn’t true. Instead, master the art of learning from your shortcomings and being able to put a positive twist on things even if they aren’t the most desirable of traits. For example, if you struggle to work alongside other people, perhaps this is because you work so much more effectively in your own company and when you are not being distracted. If you like to socialize a lot with people, this means you are a great team worker and you will build some fantastic relationships within the company.

  1. Constantly update your resume

You’ve just left one job and now you’re starting to apply for some different jobs. You must update your resume before you start sending it to various companies. There is more than one reason for this. The first reason is because you need to add your latest work history and change your phone number, address or even your name if you’ve married or legally changed it. Another reason is that if you are applying to a job in a different industry, you need to tailor your resume towards that particular field. If you’ve been working in childcare and now you want to start working in the hospitality or catering industry, your resume shouldn’t contain lines and lines of why you’re so good with kids.

  1. Be friendly

As well as being honest, you need to come across as a friendly person. While you might be a naturally friendly person when stood face to face with somebody, you need to try and show this in your resume. By doing so, employers will want to meet you and see what you have to say to them in person. They will also be curious as to whether you can live up to the friendly persona that you have portrayed within your resume. You can add a personal and friendly touch to your resume by talking briefly about your hobbies and interests. Try to make these relevant to your work life, and don’t fall into the trap of writing typical sentences, such as, “I enjoy socializing with friends and playing sports”. The employer wants to know what makes you stand out and why they should employ you – you could be competing against several hundred other candidates for this job.


  1. Don’t be a sore loser

If you are turned down for certain jobs, don’t get disheartened. Remember that this happens to people and it’s no different in your case. There are always other jobs, and if you keep your spirits up and keep applying, you’ll soon come across a job that you really like and that is suited to you and your personality. When you go for interviews, don’t talk about companies or businesses which didn’t offer you a job, and don’t come across as somebody who complains a lot or who cannot take ‘no’ for an answer.

  1. Most importantly – be yourself!

If a company doesn’t want to hire you as you, then you don’t need to work for that company. You should work for a company where you are able to be yourself as much as possible, and if you weren’t putting on any fronts or edges during your interview, then a better opportunity will arise for you. Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be professional at all times. It simply means that you should be honest, relaxed and let the employer know who he is going to be hiring if he chooses to do so.