Promotional USB Drives for Food and Beverage Industry

The ways and techniques to promote the products and services of any business have changed a lot. The use of custom USB drives is in demand these days as a promotional item. The food and beverage industry is also making great use of these USB drives to do the branding about their services. This upcoming and innovative method is to market their services and to have a strong base in the market.

The businesses in this industry are using this technique to promote their restaurant, chef, menu or even their beverages. Whenever they launch any new brand, they promote it using the custom USB drives. During the opening party, you can get the drives created for your brand and can distribute in that party to the guests as gift.  On the drives you can pad print the company logo, along with useful information about the restaurant, your chief chef, little menu information or the most unique beverage that is your specialty. This would help to make your brand or new launch a huge success. This way you can convey the uniqueness of your brand to your clients in a better way.

The custom flash drive that you can make could be of any shape. You can give them the shape of any eatable or a drink also. It could be of the shape of a burger, any of the fruits or any beverage bottle even. They look so good that you feel like eating or drinking them. You can use your imagination while giving them an amazing shape and design. You can use any of the colors that best suits that recipe. 

You can incorporate the nutritional information of that new product. You can distribute the product or the family of products and can even include the recipes and other marketing materials via USB flash drive. Whatever the ingredients are being used in that recipe could also be included in it. If that recipe has any particular allergy warnings then that could also be mentioned in them.

You can market your product or brand as a lifestyle. If your company makes use of organic farming or participate in free trade then you must include such a relevant piece of information in the drives. You can incorporate the USB drives with these practices to establish the positive image among socially conscious consumers.

If your products range has any health benefits then such significant information should be contained in the drives. The connected health information, diet and exercise information or any relevant case study could also be included in the drives. You can launch a special website or a landing page via these flash drives to help your customers. This website or page would consist of the latest health information or can track their diet progress. This way your customers remain hooked to your website. Moreover you can collect the marketing data if you use web analytics software to track the traffic that comes via USBs.

The Custom USB Flash drive is a unique way to promote a restaurant or a brand. You can launch a new menu or can introduce any new chef in your team via these drives. Little details mentioned in the drives like nutritional information, ingredients lists, recipe details, any diet or connected health tips could be a value addition to it.